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Small Space Designs: Outdoor Rooms and Garden Hideaways

A Picture Gallery of Vignettes to Inspire Your Small-Space Yards


Enjoy these secret garden and outdoor room ideas, however small they may be. Believe it or not, hard work in your yard may go unnoticed if it's too far away for visitors to easily access. A few steps outside your door can instantly send you to a different world, where details can be enjoyed up close.

When designing a small garden or outdoor room, focus on colors and textures that complement one another, forming a pleasing arrangement that can be viewed as a vignette or well-composed picture.

Pay attention to the growing potential of plants: fast growing plants can get out of hand and dwarf nearby plants.

Garden hideaways or retreats can be designed for small yards or properties with lots of acreage. Elements to include in creating a retreat:

  • Privacy screening
  • Outdoor garden furniture for relaxation
  • Plants with pleasing scents
  • Shade, either from a gazebo or a tree
  • Other sensual delights, like a fountain (water)
  • Quiet and seclusion, if possible -- like a secret garden
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bench in landscapeGarden Benchpicture of children's secret gardenSecret Gardenpicture of children's secret garden tea partySecret Garden Tea Party picture of wicker porch furniturePorch Paradise
picture of terrace garden san diego botanic gardenTerrace with a Viewbackyard teepeeTeePee Retreatpicture of garden gazeboGarden Gazebo Getawaypicture of red cedar benchFront Yard Hideaway
Beach Cottage Adirondackssmall garden designsGravel Getawaybamboo bench bamboo forestBamboo Benchtiki hideawayTiki Island
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