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Designing for Small Outdoor Rooms and Garden Retreats
picture of children's secret garden

A children's garden includes a settee with pretty pink cushions and pillows.

Photo © Lisa Hallett Taylor
This large yard -- large by Southern California standards -- has many garden hideaways, including this children's secret garden, where the owners' grandchildren come to play. It's surrounded by trees and shrubs, and includes whimsical garden ornaments and vintage, small-scale garden furniture like this settee. There's also a rocking chair and a kid-sized outdoor garden dining set for tea parties.

When designing a secret garden space for children, find an area that offers them a bit of privacy, for imaginative play. Good spots for a secret garden

  • Near or under a tree
  • Under a small gazebo or near an arbor
  • Surrounded by hedge "walls"
  • At the end of a patio or deck, with planters or flowerboxes as walls
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