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Building a Deck? Pictures, Designs and Ideas for Your Outdoor Deck


You've chosen a deck over a patio. Now what? Decks can be connected to a house or detached. Decking materials include softwoods, tropical hardwoods, synthetic woods and pressure-treated lumber. Then there's the type of deck you desire (like wraparound, pool deck, etc), along with shape, size and even the placement pattern of the wood.

Unlike a patio, there can be more involved in deck planning. Since decks are raised, they may require a blueprint and engineering. A permit may need to be submitted with your local planning department. If this is going to be a do-it-yourself deck project, special tools and equipment, like a circular saw and jig saw may need to be borrowed, rented or purchased. If you aren't up for the task, you will need to find a contractor or subcontractor to do the job. And, of course, there's the budget, which often dictates just about everything.

Need some great deck ideas? Maybe this deck design picture gallery holds the inspiration for your dream deck project.

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deck with  viewDeck With a Viewhot tub on deckHot Tub Deckwood decking side yard with bambooSide-Yard Deckipe modular decking tilesEco Arbor Designs
deck with a viewDining on the Deckipe wood deckIpe Deck Stepspre-fab deck at dwell on designPre-Fab Deckpool with deck surroundRustic Beauty
above-ground pool with wood deckingDecking Connection
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