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Fall Decorating Ideas for Outdoor Spaces


You can go traditional, contemporary, country or eclectic when you design your front porch, entryway, door, courtyard or other outdoor space for fall.
fall decorating, pumpkins and ornamental grasses

Include ornamental grasses with pumpkins for a fabulous fall porch display.

Photo © Lisa Hallett Taylor
Add interest to your fall porch decor by focusing on the differences in texture that happen when you group upright and fountain-like ornamental grasses with pumpkins and squash that are both smooth and bumpy. Also adding visual punch -- especially when viewed from the sidewalk or street -- are the contrasting colors of this display. Orange pumpkins look smashing next to the deep reds and purples of the ornamental grasses.

Remember going for drives on a Sunday afternoon with your family -- or whoever -- to look at the changing fall leaves? Somewhat carrying-on this tradition, a subculture has popped up in recent years that encourages "members" to take photos while doing fall porch "drive-bys." What this means is that design devotees get in their vehicles or take a walk in neighborhoods looking for picturesque porches with attractive seasonal decorations.

Not surprisingly, a few websites dedicate space to this pastime, like The Inspired Room. It's a fun idea -- just remember not to get carried away with the porch paparazzi thing by climbing on people's steps and railings to get the perfect picture.

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