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Winter Holiday Outdoor Decorating Ideas

Colors, Containers & Combinations Make a Smooth Seasonal Transition


Not all outdoor holiday decorations involve megawatt light displays and Christmas inflatables. There are other less expensive or showy ways to decorate your outdoor space with flair. One of the more traditional ways of sprucing up your yard, entryway or outdoor space is with plants, trees, container gardens and garden statues. Whether it's a fir that's been in your yard for decades or some newly purchased ornamentals in containers, living plants give your home's exterior a natural embellishment.

A smart and planning-ahead strategy for decorating outside during the late fall and winter holidays: transitional design basics. What does this mean? Use what you already have on you porch, patio, entryway and in your yard and incorporate a few seasonal plants and flowers to add some seasonal interest. From there, add a few embellishments and decorations that can come and go with ease. That way, decorating and undecorating won't be such a chore.

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