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A Holiday Wreath for Every Door

A Picture Gallery of Winter Holiday and Christmas Wreath Ideas


Hanging a holiday or Christmas wreath on your door is a quick and simple way to decorate your house and neighborhood, while sending out a warm welcome to visitors. Wreaths come in many styles to suit your taste, coordinating with the architecture, interior and landscape design of your home. You can choose one that's living or artificial; realistic or stylized; and decorated or bare. Personalize a wreath by adding your own decorations.

If your home's architectural style is Georgian or Colonial, then you may want to go with a classic or traditional green wreath of fir or pine. If your home is rustic or southwestern, a naturalistic or alternative wreath made of regional native plant cuttings, seed pods, or fruit would be appropriate.

Contemporary and Midcentury Modern homes look fabulous with real wreaths or those made of manmade materials, like plastic, recycled, or with tinsel garland. Adorn your wreath with whatever you want: it should reflect your own taste and style, after all.

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holiday wreath with pomegranates at mission inn in riverside californiaElegant Pomegranate Wreathgreen wreath with pinecones and pomegranatesWreath Goes Greenpicture of succulent wreathSucculent Wreathhydrangea wreath designHydrangea Wreath
red poinsettia holiday wreathRed Poinsettia Wreathholiday wreath with artichokesAn Everything Wreathpicture of fir wreath on white rustic doorChristmas Wreath on Rustic Doorswag with shiny glass ballsHoliday Party Swag
White Wreath and Garland from Balsam Hill - Denali White Wreath and GarlandDenali White Wreath and GarlandBalsam Hill Pinecone and Red Berries Holiday WreathBalsam Hill Pinecone Wreathpicture of artichoke wreathWreath Made of Artichokes, Berries & Pineconesred flower wreathsDouble Red Floral Wreaths
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