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A Fall Wreath for Every Door


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Deco Mesh Wreaths
deco mesh wreath

A fall-themed wreath featured in the Leisure Arts book, Deco Mesh Wreaths.

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On front doors across America and sites like Etsy, deco mesh wreaths have become increasingly popular. Do-it-yourselfers love to work with inexpensive and forgiving poly mesh -- the fabric that tutus are made of (aka netting, synthetic sinamay mesh, geo mesh, floral wrap and decorating mesh). Mesh wreaths are fluffy, fun and fairly easy to make -- your DIY skills can be at a beginner's level.

Making a poly mesh wreath starts with a wreath work form; 24-inch diameter is the standard size. Some wreath forms come with colored mesh that serves as the base or background color and can easily be tied or manipulated. From there, DIYers add more mesh in different colors, along with ribbons, bows, faux flowers, holiday decorations and whatever else comes to mind.

Unlike fresh or dried flowers and foliage, wreaths made of deco mesh can be used inside or outside and are fairly weather resistant, depending on the materials used. To avoid fading, don't expose them to direct sunlight -- that's pretty much the rule for any wreath.

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