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How to Make a Wreath - Festive Wreaths With Fall Leaves, Foliage and Crows


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Make a Bow
ribbon bow wired wreath fall

Make a bow for your wreath using wired ribbon.

Photo © Lisa Hallett Taylor
While ribbons and bows are used more often on Christmas and winter holiday wreaths, a bow might be just the right accent for your fall wreath-making project. If the wreath you're creating is minimalist or rustic, a bow probably isn't necessary. But if the color is right -- like this see-though wired bow with copper and black metallic dots -- then go for the bow.

I have never taken a bow-making class, nor do I have one of those bow-making devices, so I just decided to take a stab at it. Using wire-edged ribbon helps for bow-making novices such as myself. The trick: simply gather same-sized loops -- I think I did 5-7 -- then twist, and leave a few inches at both ends. Cut ends diagonally and not at uneven lengths, for a more casual, less-contrived look. Attach with floral wire to bottom, top, side or wherever you desire.

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