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Outdoor Fall Decorating Ideas

Time of the Season


For many home decorators, the turning leaves, fall colors and change of seasons is their favorite time of year. You can find inspiration in nature, with container gardens for your porch, lighting, garlands, wreaths and outoor pillows and cushions. Celebrate the season by decorating with pumpkins, gourds, ornamental grasses and fall flowers. When decorating your porch, entryway, door, or patio, keep in mind:

  • Color
  • Symmetry
  • Texture
  • Accessories that reflect the style of your house
  • Curb appeal -- how the arrangement and placement of decorations look from the street as well as close up.

Get some autumn inspiration!

Fall Decorating Ideas for Outer Spaces

picture of coleus and dracaena
Photo &copy Lisa Hallett Taylor

Some of us live in regions that experience all four seasons. Others get more like two or three. Regardless, you can get your fall fix on by creating the look and feel of autumn on your front porch, in your entryway, on you deck, in your yard -- you get the idea.

Fall outdoor decor can stretch from just after Labor Day through early December, with some clever adding and subtracting along the way. This picture gallery illustrates how color combinations, unique pairings, and texture all play into a striking falll display for your home and yard.

How to Groom Ornamental Grasses

purple fountain grass pennisetum setaceum rubrum
Photo &copy Lisa Hallett Taylor

Ornamental grasses are becoming increasingly popular as both an accent plant and focal point in many landscape designs. Although many of these beautiful grasses' growing seasons are summer and fall, in some parts of the western United States, it can bloom and be a mainstay in the garden through the winter. Most care instructions advise to cut it down to a few inches above-ground in late winter to early spring and to divide clumps when the grass's growth begins to weaken. In arid, mild-climate regions ornamental grasses can grow throughout the year.

Learn how to groom ornamental grasses so that they'll look good year 'round.

Las Vegas-Style Fall Decorating Ideas

bellagio hotel harvest
Photo &copy Lisa Hallett Taylor

For stunning, over-the-top, Vegas-style ideas for your autumn decor, take a look at what the 150-or-so designers come up with at the Bellagio's autumn Harvest Show, which is on display through November each year.

While it's a challenge to copy the theatrical Vegas-style design techniques employed at the conservatory, you might grab an idea here and there. If nothing else, the pictures are fun to look at.

The Top 10 Fall Wreaths to Buy

ll bean gourd wreath
Photo courtesy of L.L. Bean
If you're like many of us who buy the materials but somehow never seem to get around to creating a fabulous decoration, then maybe it's time to give yourself a break. How so? Buy a fall wreath -- something stunning, high quality and that will last year after year. Check out our picks for the cream of the crop.

Video: DIY Fall Hanging Basket

fall hanging basket
Photo &copy About.com

Have you ever wondered how gardening centers put together those hanging baskets with a few different plants spilling out? Debbie Anderson shows you the tips and tricks for putting together all the different elements that make a professional-looking fall hanging basket for your porch or deck.

Video: How to Make a Fall Wreath With Faux Leaves

how to make a wreath
Photo &copy About.com
In this video by Abbey Feldman, learn how to make a simple and easy fall wreath for your front door. The materials? One round wreath base and 7-10 fabric leaf stems will have your door saying 'autumn' in no time.

Video: How to Make an Outdoor Fall Centerpiece

how to make a fall centerpiece
Photo &copy About.com
If you're still going to be hosting guests outdoors during the fall months, you'll need to decorate accordingly with a festive centerpiece in autumnal hues. Blaine Pennington takes you through the steps for making a fall table centerpiece using items and plants that can be found in your backyard.

Video: Make a Potted Fall Porch Arrangement

potted flower fall arrangement
Photo &copy About.com
Once summer dwindles, adding a decoration like a potted fall arrangement is an excellent way to add warmth and charm to your porch or patio with richly colored blooms and dramatic texture. Follow the steps in this video as Blaine Pennington shows you how to create a stunning autumn arrangement for your outdoor space.

Welcoming Entries For Fall

picture of porch rocker in fall
Photo © Tracy Porter

Who doesn't get even a little excited about the change that fall briings? It often kicks off the most enjoyable time of year. Chances are you might be planning to host a football-watching get together or a holiday party. why not set the stage for what's inside by greeting guests fall decorations outside your house.

How about some inspiration: Take a stroll in your neighborhood to see what others are up to on their front porches. Or take a cruise your favorite areas, looking for other people's interpretations of fall decor for their entryways. It's one of the best ways to enjoy the colors of the season and get ideas to take home.

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