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Halloween Decorating Ideas From Roger's Gardens

Beautiful Fall Plants and Spooky Halloween Props


Halloween comes early each year at Roger's Gardens in Orange County, California. The world-famous home and garden decor center in Newport Beach stages a themed Halloween display with several indoor and outdoor rooms that boast amazing and unique Halloween decorations and fall plants. Enjoy this picture gallery featuring three years of some of the best Halloween decorating ideas from Roger's Gardens.

Blackstone Back Alley Theatre

rogers garden halloween
Photo © Lisa Hallett Taylor

Roger's Gardens has created a show-stopping display of theatrical proportions with their Halloween 2011 theme, "Blackstone Back Alley Theatre." To set the stage for what's in store, the "story" focuses on a mysterious, abandoned back-alley theater. Inside, Roger's designers have created or gathered vintage and new props, characters and decor that hint that the Blackstone was -- and still is -- a strange and macabre world in which to visit.

Unique Halloween Decorations: Crazy Toy Factory

picture of monkey and jack o' lantern halloween decorations
Photo © Lisa Hallett Taylor

For 2010, Roger's Gardens blends plants, pumpkins, Halloween decorations and one-of-a-kind treasures for a unique theme built around the imaginary Funn & Gaems Toy Factory. Follow what happens as Mischievous Mort, a marionette puppet, turns the factory and toys upside down (literally) and has a blast with his tricks and treats.

Elegant Halloween Decorating Ideas: Party, Porch and Yard

picture of vintage halloween decor
Photo © Lisa Hallett Taylor

Need decorating ideas for your Halloween party, porch or yard? Not everyone gets a thrill from the gruesome and grisly side of Halloween. For those who prefer a more elegant, eerie and even historical style of Halloween decor, take a look at what the designers at Roger's Gardens in Orange County, California, have created for their popular Halloween display. 

Picking up where they left off in 2008, Roger's Gardens in 2009 conjured up another chapter in the tale of 13 Blackbird Lane, ca 1909. Enjoy a visit to the web-filled basement once inhabited by "Mournful" Morris.

Conjure Up the Best Halloween Yard & Porch Display

Spooky Halloween Porch Greeter
Photo by Lisa Hallett Taylor

Whether it's a Halloween porch, Halloween yard, Halloween patio or Halloween balcony, you're going to have to show your (evil?) spirit with a creative outdoor Halloween display. Giant inflatables are fun, but how about combining black foilage and other unusual plants with pumpkins, gourds, fall flowers and spooky props? One of the masters in plant-and-decor Halloween displays is the famous Roger's Gardens in Newport Beach, California.

Enter at your own risk: Mad Madeline's Manor.

Fall Decorating Ideas: Doors, Entryways and Porches

picture of orange fall wreath
Photo © Lisa Hallett Taylor

Wherever home may be, you can celebrate the change of season by decorating your porch, entryway, balcony and other outdoor living spaces with the colors, symbols and plants that show off autumn in all its glory.

Need ideas? For starters, there's nothing wrong with a bright orange pumpkin sitting on your front steps. From there, you can add ornamental grasses in bronzes, reds and deep purples, potted in urns or other attractive containers. Find out what other ideas we have for you, many of which are from Roger's Gardens.

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