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Top 10 Fall Wreaths to Buy

Door Decorations: Fabulous Fall Wreaths


Sure, you can learn how to make a fall wreath if you have the time. But if you're like many of us who buy the materials but somehow never seem to get around to creating a fabulous decoration, then maybe it's time to give yourself a break. How so? Buy a fall wreath -- something stunning, high quality and that will last year after year.

We've done the shopping for you -- all you have to do is narrow it down and choose one. Or two. After all, maybe you need a fall wreath for every door.

1. Artichoke and Pomegranate Wreath

frontgate wreath artichoke and pomegranate fall
Photo courtesy of Frontgate

An artichoke and pomegranate wreath represents texture, form, color and fall bounty. The artichokes you see most often on wreaths are Baby globe artichokes, which are specially cultivated miniatures that are best used when fresh. Heavy pomegranates are usually hollowed out before being wired into a wreath arrangement.

This wreath, from Frontgate (pictured) includes a mixture of salal, pomegranates, artichokes, yarrow, avena, Austricia cones and lotus pods. The result: a stunning display for your entryway through December.

The goods:

  • 100% all natural dried elements
  • Hand assembled in USA
  • Ready to hang
  • For indoor and covered outdoor use

More artichoke wreaths: Compare prices

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2. Feather and Magnolia Leaf Wreath

turkey feather wreath for fall
Photo courtesy of PriceGrabber

Feathers are popular right now in home design and fashion, popping up in jewelry, in hair and any place you can imagine. Feathers in wreaths are a longtime tradition for fall decor. In this particular wreath, striking turkey and pheasant feathers create a lush and lovely arrangement against a base of those preserved, perfectly formed magnolia leaves.

A few details:

  • Measures 24 inches wide
  • For indoor or outdoor use
  • Measures 22 inches in diameter
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3. Gourd Wreath

ll bean gourd wreath
Photo courtesy of L.L. Bean

Gourds are members of the cucumber and squash families. Unlike their tastier cousins, these hard-rinded inedible fruits and their dried shells are often used for ornaments, decorations, and even instruments, utensils and vessels. Like the popular pumpkin, gourds are often seen as a symbol of autumn.

With their stripes and twisty, goose-necked shapes, the smaller, miniature gourd varieties are perfect for fall craft projects, like wreath making. But since you don't have the time, this handsome. all-natural gourd wreath from L.L. Bean will grace your door year after year. An L.L.Bean-exclusive design, the 18-inch wreath is crafted on a twig base with gourds, eucalyptus leaves, yellow myrtle, flax pods, yarrow and oak leaves.

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4. Harvest Wreath

sur la table harvest wreath
hyPhoto courtesy of Sur La Table

Sur La Table serves up its harvest wreath tastefully and with panache. This stunning wreath will welcome guests for entertaining throughout the fall season. A beautiful way to welcome guests for fall entertaining.

The 16-inch-diameter harvest wreath is handmade (just like you would have done, if you had the time and finesse) with dried maple leaves, orange strawflower, golden yarrow and Japanese lanterns. Naturally, you'll want to hang it on your door, but it can also be used as a table or buffet centerpiece with a candle placed in the center.Can be displayed on doors or used as a centerpiece with a candle.  Made in the United States.


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5. Hydrangea Wreath

orvis fall wreath
Photo courtesy of Orvis

While pop star Madonna infamously announced that she favors roses over hydrangeas, there are plenty of us hydrangea lovers who will be perfectly content with products like this heavenly hydrangea wreath. Hydrangeas don't need Madonna's approval -- so there!

Better stick your fingers in your ears, Madge, because here's why we love hydrangeas:

  • Their form -- each one is like a one-stemmed, mop-headed bouquet, with a generous number of small florets
  • Variegated colors, via nature or not
  • Their ability to be preserved and still retain their colors and shape
  • They are authentically old-fashioned and nostalgic
  • Martha Stewart loves hydrangeas

This fall hydrangea wreath from Orvis features sprays of ivory faux berries on a natural angel vine base.

6. Indian Corn Wreath

plow hearth corn wreath
Photo courtesy of Plow Hearth

Ah -- Indian corn. While it's not one of those farm-grown delicacies that make your mouth water, it is a beautiful, ornamental symbol of fall, like gourds.

The clever design of small ears of Indian corn arranged in a wreath form is perfect for Indian summer or autumn, and will decorate your door all the way through Thanksgiving. On a deeper level, Indian corn honors the role of this crop in Native American history and its importance in agriculture and our lives.

This vibrant wreath is from Plow & Hearth. Other corn wreaths available: [compare prices]

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7. Mum and Gourd Wreath

orvis mum and gourd wreath
Photo courtesy of Orvis

The mums in question are chrysanthemums -- the versatile flowers that bloom in spring and fall. As a preserved flower, they retain their multi-petaled shape and color. As a wreath flower, they are available all year in a wide color range and last well without water when preserved.

Orvis' 19-inch harvest-season door wreath features deep red silk Fuji mums with bi-color coleus leaves, autumn-tinged hydrangeas, wild grapes, rose hips and green gourds arranged on an angel twig base. For use indoors or outdoors in a covered location.


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8. Sunflower Wreath

orvis sunflower wreath for fall
Photo courtesy of Orvis

Who doesn't love a sunflower? The 24-inch Orvis Sunflower Wreath was originally designed and created for the company's flagship store in Manchester, Vermont. It garnered so much attention, they decided to add it online and to their catalog. Whilel these particular sunflowers are of the silk variety (faux), they look quite natural nestled among faux late-summer grasses and leaves.

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9. Tuscan Harvest Wreath

tuscany wreath dried tuscan wreath proflowers
Photo courtesy of PriceGrabber

Besides its obvious beauty, this wreath has something else going for it: next-day (or almost) delivery. So, if you need to get your front door wreath fix on, like, now -- this one will be delivered right at (but not on) your door faster than you can say, "I want it immediately!"

Other attributes of the Tuscan Harvest wreath:

  • It's made with classic Italian herbs and flowers, like lavender, ammobium, yarrow, safflower, strawflowers, blue larkspur, bay, sage and marjoram
  • It has been carefully preserved to last
  • Colorful
  • 18 inches in diameter
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10. Zinnia Harvest Wreath

zinnia wreath fall wreath
Photo courtesy of The Christmas Tree Co.

The Christmas Tree Company does not carry just Christmas trees, as evidenced by this lovely and very un-Christmasy fall wreath adorned with colorful zinnias in reds, golds and oranges.

In addition to zinnias, other preserved flora on this wreath include myrtle, yarrow, coxcomb and salal leaves.

  • Available in a 16-inch or 22-inch sizes
  • Natural twig base
  • For use indoors and outdoors
  • Display in sheltered area
  • Freshly made upon receipt of order
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