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Holiday Decorating Ideas & Pictures for Outdoor Living Spaces

Get into the festive spirit of any season when you decorate your patio, porch, yard, deck and even your pool! Idea galleries for Halloween, Fall, Winter, Christmas, Summer and Fourth of July.
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How to Make Fake Moss for Halloween Tombstone Props
How do you get your Halloween yard props to look more authentic without having to buy genuine antique tombstones, statues, pedestals and columns? Those fake tombstones you buy or make, usually from foam, can get some instant aging by applying faux moss made from common, everyday clothes-dryer lint. Dsigners Shawn and Lynne Mitchell, authors of...

Unique Halloween Decorations: Crazy Toy Factory
Unique Halloween decorations take a bit more time than running out at the last minute to the grocery store and buying whatever is left on the shelf. Serious home haunters and decorators start thinking about their next Halloween theme and decorations right after Halloween -- around November 1 or so. Roger's Gardens, an upscale home and garden...

The Best LED Christmas Lights
What is it about Christmas lights that brings out the decorator and celebrator in so many of us? For some, it reminds them of their childhoods, when they would look at lit-up neighborhoods from the backseat of their parents' cars and try to recapture some of that early sense of wonder and awe. Others simply "like lights" and are fueled by the...

How to Hang Holiday Christmas Lights
Learn the basics in hanging Christmas lights on your house. This step-by-step with pictures shows you how to hang holiday lights quickly and easily with bright results.

Skull and Roses Wreath
Nothing says "sophistication" like roses, and at Halloween, black roses fill the bill. This wreath of faux black roses is accented with five...

Best Christmas Light Displays and Decorations | Where Are the Best...
Which neighborhoods in your area have the best outdoor Christmas and holiday lights? The kind where you can slowly cruise through the neighborhood listening to holiday tunes, dressed in your snowman pajamas while munching on doughnuts and sipping cocoa. It's one of the most fun and memorable things to do during the holiday season, whether you...

Plastic Blow Mold Christmas Decorations: A Holiday Photo Album
Blow molds are those lighted holiday figures like Santas, snowmen, choir singers and reindeer. Join us for a nostalgic tour of blow mold decorations that once again decorate yards during the holidays.

The 12 Days of Christmas Decorations
Follow along as we suggest ideas and projects for outdoor Christmas holiday decorations, designed around the theme The 12 Days of Christmas.

Quick and Easy Poinsettia Designs
Poinsettia containers add instant color to a porch or entryway. They are quick, easy, and low maintenance if cared for properly and placed in the right temperature and environment. Here's how to make poinsettias work with your outdoor decorating style.

The Poinsettia: Fun Facts, Tips and Myths
Consumer polls show that poinsettias are still the favorite holiday plant. Maybe it's the different colors and varieties in which it comes, it's rich history and tradition or the mystery and folklore that surrounds the Mexican native. Let's find out more about this exotic beauty.

Celebrating Hanukkah: Decorating, Entertaining, Crafts and More
Learn how to celebrate Hanukkah through this comprehensive guide to decorating, entertaining, projects and more.

How to Recycle Lights
What do you do with old or broken incandescent Christmas lights or light bulbs? We've tracked down places to take or send the lights. Replace them with energy-saving LEDs.

Hanging Outdoor Christmas Lights: Avoiding Disaster
You don't need to be a certified electrician or hire one to light up your home and yard for the holidays. Simply follow the rules, educate yourself on lighting and electrical basics, and don't try to "mickey-mouse" any fixtures. May your holidays be merry and bright!

Christmas Wreath Ideas: Split Door Wreath - DIY Split Christmas Wreaths - DIY...
Christmas Wreath Ideas: Split Door Wreath - DIY Split Christmas Wreaths - DIY Double Door Christmas Wreath

Blow Mold Outdoor Holiday Decorations
Before there were inflatable holiday decorations, lawns and porches were decorated with plastic lighted figurines: Before there were inflatable holiday decorations, lawns and porches were decorated with plastic lighted figurines: Santas, snowmen, reindeer, elves, candles and just about any other Christmas character you can imagine. These wonders...

The Best Places to Install Outdoor Christmas Lights

When it comes time to install outdoor holiday Christmas lights, where are the best places in your yard to display lights and decorations? Christmas lights on the roofline are traditional, but other places include porches, patios, pathways and outdoor decks. Bare spots on the lawn are the perfect spot for inflatable Christmas decorations.

Outdoor Holiday Lights and Decorations
Need inspiration for your holiday yard display? Take a tour of other people's holiday decorations for ideas to use in your own yard or porch.

Halloween How To Projects
Halloween summons the creative spirits in many of us. It's not just about what props you can buy, it's more fun and a challenge if you craft or make props yourself. Follow these instructions for Halloween how to projects that will transform your yard into a handsome home haunt.

Winter Holiday Outdoor Decorating Ideas
Not all outdoor holiday decorations involve megawatt light displays and Christmas inflatables. There are other less expensive or showy ways to decorate your outdoor space with flair. One of the more traditional ways of sprucing up your yard, entryway or outdoor space is with plants, trees, container gardens and garden statues.

Halloween Yard Haunt Makeover
DIY Halloween haunted houses and yard haunts have replaced full-sized candy bars as the big draw in neighborhoods across the United States, Canada and other countries that celebrate Halloween. Nobody knows this better than Dave Gugel, an extreme DIYer who started transforming his home about seven years ago into something more macabre for an...

12 Days of Christmas Gifts
On the twelfth day of Christmas,
my true love sent to me
Twelve drummers drumming,
Eleven pipers piping,
Ten lords a-leaping,
Nine ladies dancing,
Eight maids a-milking,
Seven swans a-swimming,
Six geese a-laying,
Five golden rings,
Four calling birds,
Three French hens,
Two turtle doves,
And a partridge in a pear tree

Show Us Your Outdoor Halloween Decorations
Are you one of the many who get a chill or thrill out of decorating your house for Halloween? Maybe it's a festive door, entryway, patio, porch or yard. Maybe the whole neighborhood decorates with pumpkins, ghosts and haunted houses. Share a photo of your house from this year or a previous Halloween and it will be part of our gallery of......See submissions

Halloween Spending on Rise for 2010
Spirits and spending are expected to rise in 2010, as 148 million Americans celebrate Halloween by spending $66.28 on decorations, candy and costumes. This amount bounces back to 2008 levels, and is up from last year's per-consumer average of $56.31, according to the National Retail Federation's 2010 Halloween Consumer Intentions and Actions...

Grandin Road Halloween Spider with Flashing Eyes
Nothing is more loveable than a big, hairy spider on your porch or in your garden. With a 6-foot leg-span, Grandin Road's Halloween Spider with Flashing Eyes is definitely noticeable from the street or sidewalk. Place her in view to let trick-or-treaters know yours is definitely a "Halloween House" with more tricks and treats in store. Think of...

Martha Stewart Candle Lanterns From Grandin Road
Halloween originated as a lantern-oriented holiday -- you know, jack-o'-lanterns? Leave it to Martha Stewart to come up with a stylish take on a traditional Halloween lantern. The Martha Stewart Candle Lanterns for Grandin Road are oversized black-iron lanterns with tinted orange glass that serve as a bewitching backdrop for the intricate...

Grandin Road Spooky Halloween Willow Tree
Dark silhouettes look mysterious day or night, including this spooky Halloween Willow Tree from Grandin Road. This 3.5-foot tree is pre-lit with dozens of small orange lights, which, against the black weeping form of the willow branches, makes a striking silhouette that can be seen from a distance. The Spooky Willow Spider-Halloween Tree is...

Grandin Road Spider and Web Solar Tombstone
I've never been a big fan of tombstone props, maybe because I've seen so many bad ones, or perhaps because the idea is just a bit too morbid. Grandin Road's Spider and Web Solar Tombstone has more of a haunted Gothic mansion appeal to it than anything gross, gorey, ominous or depressing. I also don't have a lawn -- I have native California...

Review: Christmas Island Holiday Wreath With Shells and Evergreens
Holiday wreaths often reflect the region in which the homeowner lives. For mild-climate holiday doors near the beach, this wreath decorated with preserved evergreens and sparkling shells and starfish is the perfect way to celebrate the holidays in an individual beach-themed way. Add a bow during the holidays, then remove it afterward to enjoy...

Show Us Your Outdoor Holiday Decorations
Are you the first one in your neighborhood to decorate your house for the holidays? Maybe it's a festive door, entryway, patio, porch or yard. Do you go crazy for inflatables, lights, elegant swags and wreaths or DIY Christmas of Hanukkah decorations? Perhaps the entire neighborhood decorates with a theme. Share a pictures of your house from......See submissions

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