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Champagne Gold Holiday Wreath: What You'd Find on the Drapers' Door

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gold wreath by treetopia

Toasted Champagne Gold Wreath from Treetopia.

Photo by Lisa Hallett Taylor

The Bottom Line

With the price of gold these days, everyone wants a piece of it. Not an in-your-face, 1980s gold-chain gold, but a subtle, sophisticated champagne gold that harkens back to the days when gals wore stockings and heels to the grocery store and guys opened doors and lit cigarettes for the ladies. Or so we've heard.
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  • Unique, sophisticated shade of gold
  • Well-made; excellent construction
  • Thick faux branches; no bare spots
  • Pre-lit
  • Easy to hang


  • Wreath is wired with incandescent, not LED lights. Maybe next year?
  • Color won't go with every house color, architectural style, etc.


  • Nice subtle shade of gold; not flashy or gawdy.
  • Comes out of its box -- ready to go!
  • Looks good decorated or undecorated.
  • Sturdy; not fragile
  • Comes in two sizes: 24" and 36"
  • Can be purchased with or without lights
  • Matching tree and garland (sold separately)

Guide Review - Champagne Gold Holiday Wreath: What You'd Find on the Drapers' Door

Fake green pine wreaths are as easy to find during the holidays as a cheap mug filled with off-brand bath salts and dried-up poinsettias at the drug store. Like a breath of fresh air from a cooler era, Treetopia's champagne-colored tinsel wreath is just what your door needs to shine above the rest and shout out, "this is where the hipsters live!"

It's Retro, Fabulously Faux

Can't you picture Mad Men's Don and Betty Draper (perhaps in happier days) putting a champagne wreath on their door -- something au courant to match their decor for their annual holiday cocktail soiree?

Treetopia is a fun company that sells untraditional faux holiday trees, wreaths and garlands. Besides luscious Pretty in Pink and Winter White wreaths and trees, Treetopia features unprecedented colors with great names, like Candy Apple Red, Twilight Black, Lemon-Lime Sublime, Purple Groove, 100% Orange, Black Tiger, Tuxedo Black, Cranberry Crush, Smurftastic Blue and Chocolate Truffle. They also feature a "Funky" line, like the Stephen J. Colbert National Treasure Tree, We Put Baby in a Corner Tree (Dirty Dancing), Catalina Breeze Palm Trees, My Better Half Tree (half a tree, for limited spaces or to push up against a wall) and the Upside Down Tree.

The Toasted Champagne Wreath comes with small lights and the color is so unusual and striking, you really don't need to glitz it up with baubles and berries. Maybe a few soft ornaments if you can find them in that same understated gold, for textural interest. The PVC "tinsel" is sturdy and does shed faux needles on the ground. While it is indoor/outdoor, I think it looks especially striking on a colorful front door. It might get lost on a white door, unless your looking for a monochromatic effect.

Would I recommend it? Yes. The quality is excellent, and it even comes with a three-year warranty. If you're someone who likes things a little or a lot different, then Treetopia has to have your favorite nontraditional holiday color. Their ad copy alone is quite entertaining

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