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Halloween Yard Haunt Makeover

Watch Dave Gugel Transform His Home Into a Haunted House


DIY Halloween haunted houses and yard haunts have replaced full-size candy bars as the big draw in neighborhoods across the United States and other places that celebrate Halloween. Nobody knows this better than Dave Gugel, an extreme DIYer who started transforming his home seven years ago for an annual Halloween party.

Like many home haunters, Gugel began decorating inside his house, using a few props in the yard and entry to set the stage for a Halloween party and to entertain trick-or-treaters.

But Gugel's decorations are more than a tombstone here, a lighted jack-o'lantern there. His creative visions, DIY wizardry and artistic skills turned his Florida home into a local destination on Halloween. Each year, he has built new "attractions," and, including a Haunted Pumpkin Patch and Scare Zone.

Gugel is now the proprietor of Tee Lake Resort in Michigan, and transforms it into a Halloween destination in October.

Step inside Gugel's house and tour the ultimate yard haunt makeover.
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