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How to Make a Christmas Wreath for Double Doors


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At Last: The Answer to the Double-Door Wreath Dilemma
split door wreath

A split wreath for double doors is a fun and fairly easy DIY project.

Photo © Lisa Hallett Taylor
The challenge: one wreath or two for a double-door entryway or front door?

Have you seen those wreaths in catalogs or online that are split wreaths or double-door wreaths? Basically, it's one large wreath cut in half, with each half placed on either side of a double front door, to give the appearance of a single wreath centered smack dab in the middle of the door. It's a great idea -- whoever came up with it -- but the higher-than-normal prices for these kinds of novelty wreaths make them unobtainable for most of us.

Until now. Here's how to make a split wreath for under $15. Let's go shopping...

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