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How to Make Fake Moss for Halloween Tombstone Props


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Recycle Already-There Dryer Lint to Make Fake Tombstones Look Old and Authentic
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Shawn and Lynne Mitchell, authors of How to Haunt Your House.

Photo courtesy of Lynne Mitchell

'How to Haunt Your House' Authors Share DIY Prop-Making Secrets

How do you get your Halloween yard props to stand out and look more authentic without having to buy genuine antique and weathered tombstones, statues, pedestals, pillars and columns? Those fake tombstones you buy or make -- usually from foam -- can get some instant aging by applying faux moss made from common, everyday clothes-dryer lint. You know, the warm and fuzzy stuff you should be cleaning from the lint filter of your dryer after every cycle.

Artists and designers Shawn and Lynne Mitchell, authors of How to Haunt Your House, the go-to book for Halloween yard-haunt DIYers, include this clever craft among their assortment of prop-making techniques. The faux moss dryer lint craft is one of about 25 detailed step-by-step Halloween prop projects included in their book, and one of the easiest and quickest. Other projects in How to Haunt Your House include "Marbelizing Props," "The Drinking Ghoul," "Special Effect Lighting," and "Hot Glue Poseable Hands."

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