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How to Hang Outdoor Christmas Lights


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Measure Area Where Lights Will Hang
measuring for hanging xmas lights

Measure the rain gutter or roofline to see how many feet of LED light strands will be needed.

Photo © Lisa Hallett Taylor
With a trusty retractable tape measure in hand, estimate the width or height of the area on which you wish to hang light strands. Make notations on the photo printout of your house, so you'll know how many feet of light strands are needed for each section.

When starting out, it's best to hang lights on one area of your house, like the roofline, or outlining the front door or windows. Add a section each year, rather than all in one season.

If you'd like to avoid an extra trip up the ladder and if your roofline is flat, another way of estimating the width or length of the area you want to hang lights is to measure the width of the house at the bottom. While not precise down to the exact inch, it gives you better than a rough idea of how many feet of light strands are needed.

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