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Plastic Blow Mold Christmas Decorations: A Holiday Photo Album


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Blow Mold Yard
blow mold xmas decoratioins

Blow molds decorate the front yard of a house in North Carolina.

Photo © Megan H. Freeman
Blow mold figures decorate the lawn of the Freeman family of North Carolina. Megan Freeman and her husband started collecting illuminated blow mold Christmas figures about 20 years ago and now have more than 200 figures that decorate their lawn, porch and property during the holidays.

"I got tired of blowing fuses all the time," explains Megan, "so I made the logical step about 13 years ago of getting my electrician to install a separate service. Of course, all of this has led to other traditions, such as Santa visiting on December 23rd or 24th. We're also the only yard I know of that lets people get out (of their cars) and walk around the yard."

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