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Plastic Blow Mold Christmas Decorations: A Holiday Photo Album


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Santa's Blow Mold Reindeer
blow mold reindeer

A cat peers through the door at the blow mold reindeer on its patio.

Photo © Eartha Kitsch
Kelly, aka Eartha Kitsch, collects midcentury furniture, accessories, clothing, decor -- you name it. She also writes about her collecting habit and life in Nashville on her website and blog, Ranch Dressing With Eartha Kitsch.

For several years, Eartha scouted for plastic blow mold reindeer before hitting the jackpot one day at a local thrift store.

"I still dream of finding the entire vintage set of eight or nine reindeer and a Santa with a sleigh. Those are hard to come by," she explains. Most of Eartha's blow molds have been found at estate sales, thrift stores and from her mother, who is also an avid collector of Christmas decorations. Like mother, like daughter.

"You know, I think liking them so much spurs from childhood. Blow molds were still huge when I grew up in the '70s, and there was just something about that magical glow that they put off. And I guess since they were reserved for holidays and only came out at specific times, that made them even more special.

She continues: "And then you had the folks in my neighborhood when I was growing up who'd go completely overboard and fill their entire yards with them -- the more the merrier. I still find it delightful when people do this -- the people who mix Santa and the reindeer with nativity scenes, carolers and snowmen...things that shouldn't really even go together but for some reason they do go together when they fill the night air with that blow mold glow."

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