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The 12 Days of Christmas Decorations


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Outdoor Decorating Ideas for the 12 Days Before Christmas
picture of tomato cage christmas tree

Yes, underneath all the fluff and glitz is a plain wire tomato cage.

Photo © Lisa Hallett Taylor
Happy holidays and welcome to Pool and Patio's 12 Days of Christmas Decorations. To help guide you through the holiday outdoor decorating process during the next 12 days, consult this daily list for nonstop inspiration. A dozen how-to's, decoration reviews and idea galleries will have your porch, patio and yard looking like a winter wonderland, wherever you live. Be sure and visit the other sites on About.com's Home & Garden channel, which have also assembled ideas, decorations, pictures and celebrations for the 12 Days of Home & Garden Holidays. Share the information with a friend or two -- it's better than a holiday card!

Day 1: A Tomato Cage Christmas Tree

Sing this to the tune of the beloved holiday classic, "12 Days of Christmas," just like the hundreds of other parodies that exist. Better yet, hum it to yourself.

On the first day of Christmas decorations
My design muse made for me
A tomato cage Christmas tree.

Learn how to make your own tomato cage Christmas tree.

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