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Blow Mold Outdoor Holiday Decorations

Vintage Lawn Decorations are Still Being Made


Before there were inflatable holiday decorations, lawns and porches were decorated with plastic lighted figurines: Santas, snowmen, reindeer, elves, candles and just about any other Christmas character you can imagine. These wonders of plastic are known as blow molds, for the blow-mold-injection manufacturing technique that became popular in the 1930s. Familiar with the pink flamingo? It was invented by Don Featherstone for Union Products in 1958 and is probably the queen of all blow mold figures.

Many blow molds have become quite collectible, while others continue to be manufactured or are being reproduced. Santa has reached into his magic bag to find you new or reproduction blow mold Christmas decorations. Turn it on!

And check out some fabulous blow molds -- both old and new -- from coast-to-coast!

Nativity Camel Blow Mold

picture of blow mold xmas decorations camel
Photo courtesy of PriceGrabber
While intended to be part of a blow mold Nativity scene for your lawn, this gold-toned resting camel could easily be at home next to your other blow mold figurines. While the one-humped Arabian ungulate is described as "life-sized," it measures just under 30 inches across -- not sure what scale we're talking about here, but, who cares?

Resting blow mold camel comes equipped with its own light cord and socket. The manufacturer recommends no higher than a 40-watt bulb; a CFL bulb is suggested for maximum light with minimal electric usage.

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Prelit Blow Mold Deer With Antlers

picture of xmas blow mold reindeer
Photo courtesy of PriceGrabber
This frisky blow mold reindeer with antlers was molded in mid-leap -- perfect for perching atop your roof, porch or wherever you want to go. Leaping reindeer is 34 inches tall and made or polyeythelene, which is basically a fancy word for blow-mold plastic.
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Christmas Carolers

blow mold carolers, plastic
Photo courtesy of PriceGrabber
A grouping of plastic Christmas carolers attired in old-fashioned garments will be a nice addition to your blow mold decorations, especially if you play some holiday-caroling tunes. The blow molds come in Caucasion and African-American groupings of a man, woman and child, and stand 38 inches high. Another suggestion: get the blow-mold lamp post (compare prices) for a complete retro holiday display.
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Painted Blow Mold Santa

picture of xmas blow mold santa
Photo courtesy of PriceGrabber
If this isn't a replica of a vintage blow mold Santa decoration, it sure looks like one. Santa Claus is posed while waving, and goes pretty much anywhere -- just not behind a giant inflatable Christmas decoration.
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Plastic Penguin by Union Products

blow mold christmas penguin
Photo courtesy of PriceGrabber
Union Products is one of the pioneers of blow-mold plastic lawn figurines. They may have never thrown out the mold for this charming penguin, which stands nearly 2 feet tall. Get several, and create a colony of penguins on your holiday lawn. Some folks allow Plastic Penguin to roam their yard year 'round, even near the swimming pool in August.
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Blow Mold Snowman Decoration

retro snowman blow mold christmas decorations
Photo courtesy of PriceGrabber
Like Santa, this plastic Blow Mold Snowman is painted and stands a stately 40 inches tall. Jolly snowman takes a C7 bulb to get that inner glow, and light up your porch or yard for the holidays. Place him (or her) across from Santa for a symmetrical entryway or to light up your holiday porch or snow scene.
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Christmas Towne Outdoor Decor

xmas decorations white snow bear
Photo courtesy of Christmas Towne
Christmas Towne has an ample selection of blow mold holiday decorations, from the major blow mold players, like General Foam, Union Products and Empire Plastics. While many have a 1980s look (which is probably when the molds were made), you can find a more midcentury model here and there, especially in the snowman and Santa categories. Since most of the manufacturers are out of business, supplies of blow molds are limited. Worth a look, especially if you're trying to track down a missing wiseman or member of the plastic lawn choir.

Seasons LA Christmas Decorations

blow mold deer
Photo courtesy of Seasons LA
Located in the San Fernando Valley, Seasons LA has a great variety of blow-mold holiday decorations, both Christmas and Halloween. Prices are reasonable, and many pieces appear to be new old stock (NOS). Blow mold brands carried by Seasons LA include Empire of Carolina, Union Products Inc, Space Age Plastics, Santas Best, Mr Christmas, Holiday Tyme of R.O.C. and Genral Foam Plastics Corp.

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