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The Best LED Christmas Lights

Make it Merry, Bright and Green for the Holidays With LEDs


What is it about Christmas lights that brings out the decorator and celebrator in so many of us? For some, it reminds them of their childhoods, when they would look at lit-up neighborhoods from the backseat of their parents' cars and try to recapture some of that early sense of wonder and awe. Others simply "like lights" and are fueled by the philosophy of "the more, the better."

Whether you're a first-time holiday decorator or a seasoned Santa, it's time to use LED Christmas lights. Why? Well, we have 10 really good reasons that should convince you. And to help you decide, here are some of our top picks for LED Christmas lights. Get glowing!

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C7 LED Christmas Lights

picture of led c7 holiday lights
Photo courtesy of PriceGrabber
C7-size lights are the ones many of us remember from our childhoods -- the larger, single-bulb lights in primary colors that were strung along the rooflines of our postwar tract homes. The new wave of C7s are partially an answer to a nostalgic look and a way of making LEDs bigger and brighter. LED C7s and the even-larger C9s come in different lengths and single or multi-color combinations. Expect prices to drop even more in coming years.
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Solar-Powered LED Net Lights

picture of philips led xmas net lights
Photo courtesy of PriceGrabber
I have two sets of these lights: one set is blue, the other is orange. My little secret: I got the orange set on sale at a major retailer a few days after Halloween for 75% off, because they are orange. Is that going to limit my use of these net lights? Nope. I've noticed that the orange LEDs for Halloween are considered "amber" for the winter holidays.

Solar LED lights that work are solar LED lights that work, regardless of the color. Christmas and the winter holidays are about bright lights and lots of color, among other things. So you have a hedge with orange lights here, one with blue over there -- what's not to love?

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LED Icicle Lights

led lights xmas
Photo © Lisa Hallett Taylor
Icicle lights strings have been popular for several years, but LED icicle lights are even better. Unlike their predecessors, LEDs icicles don't get hot -- which was kind of a weird concept anyway. Hot icicles? Icicle LEDs come in different lengths and some change colors -- unlike the real thing.
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LED Rope Light: 30 Feet

picture of red led rope light
Photo courtesy of PriceGrabber
Rope lights are the ones you see that are thicker than strands and often are wrapped around tree trunks or snaking up tall columns or other architectural features of a house. They also offer a steady glow of light.
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GE LED Color-Changing Pathway Lights

ge color changing led lights
Photo courtesy of PriceGrabber
GE's LED pathway lights come in different styles, so you can buy one or have a whole coordinated set. Some of their most popular LED light sets are the color-changing lights, which include these pathway lights, along with icicle lights and other styles.
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Improvements LED Snowflake Window Sculpture

improvements snowflake led christmas window
Photo courtesy of Improvements
Improvements' giant LED snowflake reflects beautifully in a window and is a quick and simple holiday decoration -- simply hang it on a window outside or in, plug it in, and let it dazzle. Available in blue or white, the 18-inch snowflake is lit by 42 steady-on LED bulbs. Not restricted for windows only, the LED Snowflake Sculpture can also be suspended from tree branches, porch railings or other architectural features. For visual impact, group a few together. Each snowflake comes with a 30-inch-wide white cord and end-to-end connection for easy display.

Also makes a nice Hanukkah or winter holiday decoration.

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50-LED Light String Wide-Angle Lens Holiday Lights

picture of wide angle led christmas lights
Photo courtesy of PriceGrabber
These sets of 50 LED lights feature wide-angle lenses and come in every color imaginable (well, almost). Highlights include:
  • 50 LED per string
  • Wide-angle lens
  • Length: 25.16 feet
  • Bulbs are spaced 6 inches apart
  • Black wire
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