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Maintaining Your Pool & Spa

A private pool or hot tub is a luxury, and keeping it well-maintained and free of algae, scale, and debris is just part of the job for those who want it beautiful and sparkling. If you plan to do it yourself, there's lots to learn, like checking water quality with pH test kits, maintenance during swim season and winterizing. Also hot tub installation, filters, algaecides, and chlorinating systems.
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DIY Swimming Pool & Spa Cleaning and Maintenance
When trimming your budget, you look to the money you're forking over each month to have someone else do something that you could potentially do yourself. While many don't like the idea of venturing into unfamiliar waters, it certainly is possible to clean and maintain your swimming pool, spa or hot tub on your own. There's a big world out there...

10 Reasons to Cover a Pool
Besides keeping debris out of the water, why would you want to cover your pool when not in use? We have 10 really good reasons.

What's the Best Way to Clean Tile at the Swimming Pool Waterline?
What's the best way to clean the water line tile in your swimming pool? If you don't want to pay a pool service company to bead blast it clean, try a few of the do-it-yourself methods we recommend. A big benefit: you'll save money.

How to Inspect for or Detect a Leak in Your Swimming Pool or Spa
Signs that a swimming pool or spa is leaking may or may not be obvious. If you suspect a leak, there are proven ways to inspect and detect. In the tome, The Ultimate Guide to Pool Maintenance , author Terry Tamminen suggests several methods for detecting leaks in pools and spas. Some he considers easy do-it-yourself methods, others he suggests...

Cleaning Pools: Algae Colors and Types
If you can think back to your science class you may recall that algae are one-celled plants. And if you happen to be an algae, you are not alone: there are more than 20,000 varieties. In a swimming pool or spa, algae is that green, brown, yellow, black or pinkish slime that resembles fur growing on the steps and in corners - places where...

What Does Centrifugal Force Have to do With a Centrifugal Pump?
Pool and spa pumps are known as centrifugal pumps. Why? These important pieces of equipment cause water to move, due to the principle of centrifugal force. Learn why it's an important part of keeping your pool clean.

Pool and Spa Pumps and Motors
You know they are vital components to a pool and spa, but what exactly is the function of the pump and motor? Learn about these important pieces of pool equipment and what to do if and when something goes wrong.

Gas Swimming Pool Heaters
Should you go with a gas pool heater? Compared to other types of fuel, gas can be an inexpensive way to keep a pool warm and comfortable. It's convenient because a gas line is usually available. But not all gas heaters are made alike. Discover the different types, along with pros and cons of heating your pool with natural gas or propane.

Water-Saving Tips for Swimming Pools & Spas
There's a big source of water consumption in your backyard -- it's called a swimming pool. While the World Water Council is not asking you to replace that big pit with a vegetable garden -- not yet, anyway -- there are several ways you can practice water conservation with your pool or spa. Get smart -- water smart -- by learning more about your...

Pool and Spa Brushes
Maintaining a pool or spa is something that you can definitely do-it-yourself, provided you have the right tools for the job. Cleaning your pool does not have to be a back-breaking chore if it's done regularly, on schedule -- before algae builds up. During swim season -- usually summer -- maintenance may take about 3-5 hours per week. If it...

10 Reasons to Fill in a Swimming Pool
Is the love affair over with your swimming pool? Before you throw in the towel, consider these good reasons for demolishing that backyard money pit.

What is a Pool Skimmer?
What is a pool skimmer and when should you use one? A skimmer is a box-like device through which debris and contaminants flow into the filter when the pump is activated.

DE Pool Filter - What is a DE Pool Filter?
DE stands for diatomaceous earth, which is a fine white powder made from the chemically inert, fossilized (or skeletal) remains of billions of microscopic organisms called diatoms. There are three types of filters used for pools: sand, cartridge, and diatomaceous earth (DE). Many pool owners and pool maintenance workers consider DE filters to be...

What is a Salt Water Pool?
You've heard about them, and they seem like an eco way to maintain your pool. But do you really know what a salt chlorine generator is and what it does? We explain it for you.

Checking Outdoors for Leaks
Everyone has heard of ways to save water inside the house, but how about outside? Think about it: you have irrigation systems for your landscaping, hoses attached to spigots, swimming pools, spas - all potential sources of leaks. Find out how much water is used by an average U.S. household, along with ways to check for leaks and how to maintain your outdoor water sources to prevent future leaks a…

Saving Energy Outside the House: Pools, Patios and in the Yard
Step outside and take a look at what can be done to save energy and money. It might not be quite as obvious as inside your home, but you can start by replacing that front porch bulb. From there, we take you on an energy-saving tour of your backyard.

Presenting the Winner, Best Pool Cleaner / Vacuum: Hayward
The votes have been counted and a winner has been announced! Best Pool Cleaner / Vacuum honors the year's top pool and spa cleaner and vacuum brands and manufacturers. We asked our voters to go beyond looks or familiar brand names when making a decision. Our list of hot tub and spa brands and manufacturers includes company websites to learn more...

About.com Readers' Choice Awards 2013: Best Pool Cleaner / Vacuum
This year's About.com Reader's Choice Awards honors the year's Best Pool Cleaner / Vacuum brands and manufacturers, as nominated and chosen by our readers. This would include manual, automatic and robotic styles for in-ground and above-ground swimming pools. Please include the name of the product, along with the brand or manufacturer when...

2013 Best Pool Cleaner / Vacuum: About.com Readers' Choice Awards
Meet the finalists in the 2013 About.com Readers' Choice Awards, as chosen by our Pool & Patio readers.

Pool and Spa Electrical Code Requirements
Pool and spa electrical connections must be done according to code in your area. In most cases, a licensed electrician will do the installation for you. Electrical codes for pools and spa are in place to protect those who are in and around these areas. Learn more about pool code requirements in this piece from About.com Guide to Electrical, Tim Thiele.

A Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFIC) Can Save Your Life
We’ve all heard the terms GFCI or GFI outlets, but what in the world are they used for? Why would we buy outlets that cost between $5.00 and $10.00 when regular outlets only cost a dollar or two? Seems silly, right? Not so fast. GFCI’s are specifically designed to save your life. They automatically turn themselves off when there is a short circuit or there’s an unbalanced load to ground.

How Do I Become a Landscape Architect?
Learn what it takes to become a landscape architect, including the educational requirements.

Readers' Choice Awards 2013 - Best Pool Cleaner/Vacuum
Vote for your favorite brand of outdoor patio furniture in this year's About.com Readers' Choice Awards.

Best Pool Cleaner / Vacuum: About.com Readers' Choice Awards 2012
If you own a swimming pool or spa, cleaning and maintenance is a big part of the package. If your pool isn't cleaned regularly, nobody will want to -- or should -- go swimming in a big green swamp of algae. Fortunately, several pool cleaners / vacuums are available and reasonably priced to make pool cleaning less of the back-breaking chore it...

About.com Readers' Choice Awards 2012: Best Pool Cleaner / Vacuum
The About.com Reader's Choice Awards 2012 honors the year's Best Pool Cleaner / Vacuum brands and manufacturers, as nominated and chosen by our readers. This would include manual, automatic and robotic styles for in-ground and above-ground swimming pools. Please include the name of the product, along with the brand or manufacturer when...

10 Smart Reasons for Having a Saltwater Pool
Should you get a saltwater system for your pool? Learn 10 great reasons why you might want to get a chlorine generator this season.

20 Ways to 'Green' Your Pool or Spa
Can you make your swimming pool or spa more energy efficient? Learn 20 tips for using less energy, water and power while maintaining your pool or spa.

Facts About Water Use
Do you know how much water you use at home and in your yard? How about the pool or spa? These facts about water use may surprise, or motivate, you.

Pool Parts: Get to Know Your Swimming Pool
Do you know your swimming pool parts? Become familiar with the main components of that big body of water in your yard.

How to Use a Cartridge Pool Filter
What is a cartridge pool filter and why would you want to use it? Learn more about this type of filter.

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