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How to Open a Swimming Pool: A DIY Guide to Opening a Pool for the Season


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How to Open a Pool: Spruce Up the Surrounding Area
how to open your pool
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Of course, the simplest solution to opening a swimming pool for the season is to hire a pool service. But if you’re up for it, you can do it yourself, potentially saving yourself hundreds of dollars, which you can turn around and spend on more DIY pool equipment.

Enlist some help from your home’s cohabitants and tackle the dirty deed.

Perhaps one of the most-overlooked steps in getting your swimming pool ready for the season is addressing the area surrounding your pool. Things to consider:

  • Clean up plant debris from the pool deck, patio, nearby planting beds – virtually anything that has the potential for producing debris in your pool.
  • Prune trees and hedges that have grown in recent months and might hang over your pool. Some plants shed their flowers in the summertime, which can end up in your pool. Try planting mess-free shrubs or succulents that will help keep the pool area nice and neat.

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