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The Best BBQ and Grill Recipes and Menus

Party Central: Outdoor Entertaining Depends on Great Food From the Grill


It's your turn to host a backyard barbecue. Of course, your backyard can be a balcony, deck or patio - any space outdoors will do. The important thing is - what's on the menu? We've gathered some of the best and tastiest grill and bbq recipes we could find from About.com's many amazing chefs and food writers.

Consider it kind of a Party Central for outdoor entertaining, with something for everyone, from all corners of the globe. We've got it all covered, from side dishes, meat, seafood, basic hot dogs to gourmet grilled Italian cuisine, desserts, drinks - everything to make the barbecue party a smashing success!


grilled burger
Photo © Diana Rattray

BBQ Sauces & Rubs

bbq sauce
Photo © John Mitzewich

Hot Dogs & Sausage

chicago hot dog

Steaks on the Grill

bbq steak
Photo © John Mitzewich

Chicken / Pollo

Photo © Danilo Alfaro

Fish and Seafood

lobster bbq
Photo © Kim Knox Beckius

Pork and Other Meats

smoked pork chop
Photo © Barbara Rolek

Kebobs and Skewers

Photo © Marian Blazes

Vegetables and Vegetarian

Photo © Stephanie Gallagher


thai salad
Photo © Darlene Schmidt
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