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Outdoor Privacy Screens: Shrubs, Trees, Vines and Other Plants

Living Privacy Screens Soften Existing Fences and Create Green and Growing Walls


Living Screens -- otherwise known as shrubs, trees, vines or other plants -- have always been an excellent, natural way to gain privacy while forming barriers or walls. They can stand on their own, such as closely planted trees and shrubs, or be trained to climb and cover a plain or unsightly wall or fence. While traditional and always popular, formal rectilinear-clipped and trimmed hedges are not your only option. In this gallery, you'll see all kinds of living examples, including ideas you might never have considered as a screening plant.

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A Jungle of Palms and FernsWall of CactusUrban Bamboo and SucculentsTaste of Tuscany
Sticks on FireTwisted-Vine DisguiseGreen & Growing Concrete Wall Cover-upPrivate Patio for Entertaining Artists
Pretty Pots All in a Row
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