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Backyard Paradise: Bamboo Privacy Screen Ideas

A Gallery of Outdoor Privacy Screens


Bamboo evokes a sense of peacefulness and of faraway, exotic lands. The plant is actually a giant grass with more than 2,400 species. Some species can grow 4 feet in one day, while the culms of other bamboos can shoot up to their mature height (30 feet or more) in one growing season. If you choose to grow bamboo in your outdoor space, pay attention to the type you're getting. Clumping bamboo tends to be more contained, while running bamboo can "run wild" and invade your and your neighbors' properties.

Whether you elect to grow the vertical green canes or create a panel or fence with dried bamboo or reed, take a look at the endless possibilities to fashion your own bamboo paradise.

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Big, Fat Green BambooHorizontal Bamboo FenceGrowing the Real ThingPeek-a-Bamboo
Bamboo Planter for Screening Small SpacesLet's Get LostContrasting Bamboo Tiny Rattan Nook
Bamboo TunnelUrban Bamboo & Succulents
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