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Privacy Screens: Walls, Fences, Gates and Other Outdoor Structures


You need an outdoor privacy screen. A wall or a fence are both obvious choices for gaining privacy, marking bounaries and creating barriers. Not all walls and fences have to be typical or boring. Once you start investigating, you'll find that there are many materials and styles you can use. But if you've always dreamed of a white picket fence and it goes with the architectural style of your house, then folow that dream! If not, stacked stone might be nice...
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Weathered FenceVertical Wall: Greenery and Wall PotsMetal Sculpture FenceHorizontal Bamboo Fence
Sliding Shoji Screensscreen concrete block wall las vegasScreen-Block WallCircle in WallPorch Busts
pallet rock wallPallet Rock WallsJapanese-Style Wood Fencebamboo or reed fencingBamboo FencingMurals of Flower-Head Senoritas
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