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The White House Grounds: Pets and People in the President's Park

A Photo Gallery of Presidential Pets and Families in the 'First Yard'


Besides the numerous White House dogs and cats the nation has grown to love throughout their owners' presidencies, the "President's Park" has also seen its share of more unusual pets. Other White House inhabitants who have enjoyed the attention, care and ample 18-acre lawns and grounds include horses, snakes, rare birds, domesticated raccoons, goats, sheep, and even a cow or two. Some enjoyed a dip in the outdoor swimming pool, while others preferred to play on the lawn and in the gardens. Many have been cared for and enjoyed by Dale Haney, the superintendent of the White House Grounds and an employee of the National Park Service who has taken care of the mansion's outdoor living spaces for more than 30 years. Take a look at the menagerie that has roamed the grounds of the White House since the late 1800s.
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Grace Coolidge & DogsFirst Lady Laura Bush with New Puppy Miss BeazleyLaddie Boy and First Lady CoolidgeThe Kennedys with Macaroni
Alice Roosevelt & Her HorseLaddie Boy & FriendsArchie Roosevelt & AlgonquinGrandkids & Goat
Bush Pets on the LawnFord & His Water Dog, Liberty
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