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Photo Gallery: A Historical Look at the White House's Pools & Spas

Presidents Used Pools for Therapy, Exercise, Fun & Conducting Press Conferences


The United States' second president, John Adams, was the first to occupy the White House. Since then, each presidential family has left its mark on the outdoor living spaces of the executive mansion, whether it's been through planting trees and gardens or adding swimming pools and outdoor sculpture. At various times, the White House has had indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a hot tub, reflection pools, fountains, ponds and other water features.

So, how many pools has the White House had? Does the hot tub installed during the Clinton administration still exist? Is FDR's indoor therapy pool long-gone? And what's this we've heard recently about the Jonas Brothers autographing the wall of a White House pool that also bears other famous signatures? This gallery sets straight a few questions and provides an historical look at the water worlds of the White House, Camp David, and other presidential retreats, along with the people who enjoyed these features and amenities during their stay.

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Liberty Makes a SplashNixon's Pool at the Western White HouseFrozen Swimming Pool at Camp DavidPond at Camp David
Pondside DiscussionFish PondPoolside Peace TalksRound Pool Fountains
Harrison Reflection PoolSwimming With the PressPresident Johnson Relaxes in the Pool
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