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How to Dig Post Holes & Install Posts


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Measure by Measure
digging a post hole for arbor project

Dig a hole about 1 foot deep.

Photo © Lisa Hallett Taylor

The Goal: To install a somewhat flimsy pre-fabricated wood arbor into the ground to ensure stability. The arbor's four posts do not provide extra space to sink posts deeply into the ground with concrete. We will need to dig holes about 1 foot deep, mix concrete in a wheel barrow, and pour it into the holes. This arbor can be used as a transitional structure linking two outdoor spaces, or could be installed against an outdoor wall at a condo or used as a privacy screen once it's covered with plants and vines.

While this is for a pre-fabricated arbor, you can use this tutorial for decks, fences, gazebos and other outdoor structures.

Start off the project by measuring center lines of each post to determine where to dig holes for a total of four measurements for four holes. Each hole should be approximately 1 foot in diameter and 1 foot deep.

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