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What is Marine-Grade Plywood?


Definition: Why would you select marine-grade wood or plywood when building or buying outdoor furniture? The key word here is marine, as in, by or near the ocean or other body of water. Also known as waterproof plywood, this type of plywood is made using water-resistant hardwood layers and gorilla-strength glue. Marine plywood is often used for outdoor projects like fences, gazebos, boats, and patio furniture -- objects that could experience damage due to moisture and condensation.

Marine-grade plywood is constructed from layers of wood, bonded or blued together, with the layers running at right angles to one another using waterproof glue. The higher-quality marine-grade plywood is made up of more and thinner layers of hardwood, making them stronger and more durable.

Also Known As: marine wood, waterproof wood, weather-resistant wood
Mike used marine-grade plywood to build benches at his house overlooking the Pacific.

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