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What is a Patio Tree?

Types of Trees for Small Spaces


It's kind of obvious that a patio tree is a tree for, well -- the patio. But what qualifies a tree to be relegated to a patio?

It's a Matter of Size

The best patio trees are small, with rather shallow root systems that won't meander under the patio and lift or crack the concrete or paving. Ideally, it should be disease-resistant, low maintenance, and have special attributes, like flowers, fruit, an intoxicating or pleasant scent, A low-maintenance patio tree won't drop seed pods, leaves or withered flowers and are basically tidy and evergreen.

Patio trees are also a perfect choice for small spaces. If planted in a container, they can be moved around to follow or escape the sun's rays, depending on the season.

Trees suitable for containers and small outdoor rooms include:

  • Japanese maple
  • Dwarf citrus
  • Flowering plum or cherry
  • Fullmoon maple
  • Dwarf apple
  • Edible fig
  • Pine
  • Wisteria (trained as a tree)

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