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Poolside Plants That Look Like Paradise and Withstand the Elements

Poolside Paradise: Best Plants for Your Pool or Spa Area


The plants you choose to surround your pool should be carefully considered before any buying or digging takes place. Once your pool is in place, you may find that it creates a sort of microclimate. A heated pool can raise humidity levels, and intense sunlight can fry nearby landscaping. Plants can get splashed with chlorine and other pool and spa chemicals. The trick is to find strong plants that can withstand your pool's microclimate, are easy to maintain and still look great.
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Backyard Banana Treehibiscus bushHawaiian Hibiscus for Your Poolside ParadiseA Bouquet of Aeonium RosettesHebe for Poolside LandscapingEye-Catching Hebe
Giant Bird of Paradise for Poolside LandscapingGiant Bird of ParadisePorcupine Grass for Poolside LandscapingShowy Ornamental Grass: Porcupine GrassJade for Poolside LandscapingJade: A South African Succulent papyrus plantsEgyptian Papyrus
martha washington geraniumsMartha Washington GeraniumsStaghorn Fern for Poolside LandscapingWho Let the Moose Near the Pool?angel's trumpet treeAngel's TrumpetSweet Potato Vine for Poolside LandscapingOrnamental Sweet Potato Vine
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