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Inside the Paul Ecke Poinsettia Ranch

A Rare Look at Where the Official Christmas Plant Gets its Start


About halfway between downtown San Diego and the southern reaches of California’s Orange County lies a nectar spot where many of the United States’ top flower-growers work their magic on some of the most breathtaking blooms you’ll ever witness. Among them: Tamaya’s Orchids, The Flower Fields, and the Paul Ecke (pronounced EH-kee) Ranch.

Drawn to the area's vast ranch lands near the coast, the mild year-round climate, and proximity to water, Paul Ecke Sr. relocated from L.A. to Encinitas in 1923. There, he continued to cultivate the exotic flower from Mexico that had been discovered by Joel R. Poinsett in the 1800s.

From 1929 until 1966, the Ecke Ranch's key business was producing field-grown poinsettia mother plants. For more than 40 years, the 25-acre ranch's main focus has been growing poinsettia cultivars in its greenhouses and shipping them to growers throughout the world.

Come inside the ranch, where more than 75% of U.S. and 50% of worldwide poinsettia plants get their start.

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paul ecke at ecke poinsettia ranchPaul Ecke IIIpoinsettia cuttings picturePoinsettia Cuttingspaul ecke poinsettia ranchThe Subject Was Poinsettiaswinter rose poinsettias in pink, marble, cream and redGreenhouse Fields
poinsettia pictures from paul ecke poinsettia ranchLong-Stemmed 'Winter Roses'dulce rose poinsettia pictureDulce Rosa™orange poinsettiasReal Orange Poinsettiashanging poinsettias picturesHanging Poinsettias
ice punch poinsettia pictureIce Punch™ice punch poinsettiaIce Punch™, Close-Upred and orange poinsettias pictureRed & Orangepoinsettia ecke jesterJester Marble
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