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Real Orange Poinsettias

A Fall-Into-Winter Poinsettia?


Inside the Paul Ecke Poinsettia Ranch
orange poinsettias

Reds are classic, pinks are soft and pretty, and orange poinsettias are vibrant and spicy.

Photo by Lisa Hallett Taylor
Horticulturists at the Paul Ecke Ranch in Encinitas, California, are always looking a couple years ahead, developing new cultivars for future holiday seasons. Among the Ecke Ranch's more unusual and strikingly beautiful are the orange poinsettias, including Freedom Orange and Harvest Orange. Some are being cultivated to last from Halloween through Christmas and possibly beyond.

Other names for the poinsettia include Noche Buena, the Winter Rose, the Christmas Star, the Flame Leaf and the Stelle di Natalle.

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