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Succulent Garden Design Ideas

For Your Patio, Poolside and Other Outdoor Spaces


If you live in an arid or warm-weather climate, chances are good that you can use your swimming pool, spa, patio or deck nearly year 'round. Along with the advantages of enjoying your outdoor living space all year comes the additional challenge of selecting the right plants for landscaping. You don't want to be swapping-out plants every few months.

Then there are those microclimates that exist in different portions of your yard: poolside, on the patio, terraced gardens and spots that get several hours of shade or sun every day.

Succulent plants have gained in popularity during the past decade, and as we learn more about them and see them beautifully woven into landscape design, they aren't just a cousin to the prickly cactus. With careful planning and research, you can have an entire succulent garden without a thorn in sight, which is a good thing for pool and patio gardens, where people gather and the ouch factor is always possible.

Ready to see succulents like never before?

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shed with succulent roofSucculent Roof on Shedeuphorbia resinifera succulent at san diego botanical gardensMoroccan BeautySea-Bottom Bouquetsucculent display with native grassesNative Grasses & Succulents
succulent wallSucculent Garden WallsucculentsSucculent Knollsucculent undersea garden san diego botanic gardenOctopus Gardensucculent agave americanaYellow-Striped Succulent
succulent landscape design portulacariaLush Landscapingsticks on fire and zwartkop succulentsAeonium Arboreum 'Zwartkop' and Sticks on Firesucculent bowlSucculent Color Bowlgreen roof succulent roofSucculent Shed
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