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Water Conservation Landscape Design: Garden Art

Reuse, Recycle and Repurpose in Your Drought-Tolerant Landscape


Waterwise landscaping can be attractive with well-chosen native plants mixed with hardscaping, garden structures and garden art. And like the conservation-minded gardens that focus on using less water, natural fertilizers or organic pest control, these examples of garden art are eco-conscious. As you'll see, some of the best garden art comes from ordinary objects that have been recycled, reused, or repurposed. Let these photos of landscape designs inspire you to look at that old sculpture-class bust or architectural relic in an entirely different light.

This picture gallery of clever and original garden art is from the homes that were part of the April 2009 Theodore Payne Foundation Home and Garden Tour, which featured 45 well-designed drought-tolerant gardens in the Los Angeles area. While many of the plants are California natives, the design ideas, materials and art used can be employed almost anywhere. Be inspired, and keep your eyes and mind open to new ideas.

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concrete blocks as garden art in a drought tolerant landscapeConcrete Block Patternball altar garden art landscape designBalltarbamboo privacy screen with hanging birdfeederBamboo Hangergarden art clay bust in bamboo at santa monica houseArt Class Bust
hanging ornaments and lanterns on a backyard tree branchWire Globe Garden Ornamentgarden art, metal garden sculpture, drought-tolerant landscape designCaterpiller, Caterpillerman's profile stone sculpture garden art at santa monica houseMaintaining a Low ProfileHanging Ornaments
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