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Path Materials in Water Conservation Landscape Design

The Road to Drought-Tolerant Design is Paved with Creative Hardscape


Paths in a water-wise garden use traditional hardscape materials -- like pavers, concrete, bricks, river rock, pebbles and pea gravel. How they differ from non-water-wise landscape design lies with what's growing -- or not growing -- between and surrounding the pathway materials. While many walkways are placed across a carpet of grass, the growing stuff on a waterwise pathway might be a drought-tolerant groundcover -- like thyme or stonecrop -- or another hardscape material, like bark or loose aggregate.

The same landscape design rules apply to pathways in a water conservation garden as they do in traditional landscaping. A straight path is formal, while a curving path presents a meandering feeling. A curving pathway that does not have an end in sight lends an air of mystery, intrigue and the possibility that your outdoor space is large, even if it isn't.

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flagstone pavers as pathways for drought-tolerant landscape in santa monicaAround the Cornerlog chips used as path edgingLog Pathtwo hardscaping materials are used for this drought tolerant landscape designMixed Materialspavers and bark mulch for water conservation gardenPath Less Traveled
succulents and groundcovers in a drought tolerant santa monica gardenTaking the Succulent Pathzoysia grass with aggregate paversZoysia Pathnative landscaping and steps at house in altadena, californiaStepsside deck at drought tolerant house in santa monicaDeck on Side
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