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Quick and Easy Poinsettia Designs

How to Work Them Into Your Outdoor Decorating Style


Nothing adds instant color and festivity to a porch or entryway than poinsettias in containers or outdoor arrangements. Despite the myths and concerns revolving around the seasonal favorite, poinsettias can be a quick, easy and low maintenance decoration if cared for properly and placed in the right temperature and environment. Here's how to make poinsettias work with your outdoor decorating theme or style.


Remove the foil or paper wrap, make sure there are drain holes in the bottom of the plastic pot, and pop a poinsettia plant -- or two, or three -- into an existing container on your porch, steps or at your entryway. There's no need to go out and buy a special container for your poinsettias when you can use what's already there or dig around in your yard or stash for alternatives.

Other container ideas:

Add Greenery or Cuttings

Snip greenery or flowers from your yard and stick them into the container or soil along with the poinsettia for a quick arrangement. Another idea: surround soil line of the poinsettia container with cuttings. Good pairings include:
  • Bird of paradise leaves
  • Small palm fronds
  • Maidenhair fern
  • Conifers
  • Holly berries and leaves
  • Magnolia branches
  • Cuttings from Christmas tree lots
  • Pinecones
  • Heliconia
  • Succulents
  • Silver Spanish moss
  • Variegated ivy

Pair With Other Plants

Create a stunning arrangement by lining a wide-mouthed container with foil or plastic and several plant saucers. Start with a taller poinsettia plant(s) as the central focal point, then add smaller potted plants (3 to 4-inch pots) to soften and fill-out the container. Complementary plants for a poinsettia arrangement might include:


A stand-alone poinsettia is lovely, but to tie things together with the rest of your outdoor Christmas decorations, consider adding accessories or embellishments -- keeping it simple and easy, of course. Some ideas to try:
  • Miniature lights at the base of the container -- solar LEDs are an eco choice
  • Fill the container or soil line with pinecones, extra ornaments, glass pebbles or faux snow
  • Drape a garland around the container
  • Place the container in the middle of an unused wreath on a porch table
  • Wrap empty boxes in waterproof paper and bows and tuck into the container arrangement or at the soil line
  • Line the perimeter of the pot with wrapped candy canes

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