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Paving Materials Photo Gallery

Pictures of Paving Materials for Patios, Walkways and Other Outdoor Areas


When building a patio or walkway, one of the more fun but challenging decisions you'll have to make is determining what type of paving material to use. The material should:
  • Blend in with the architecture and landscaping
  • Be easy to walk on
  • Not be slippery
  • Easy to maintain
  • Weather-resistant
  • Help with easy, fast drainage

Surfacing Materials for Patios, Walkways and Other Paved Outdoor Areas Include:
  • Concrete
  • Pavers
  • Flagstone
  • Tiles
  • Brick
  • Loose materials, like rocks and pebbles
  • Wood
  • Adobe block

Keep in mind you can also mix two or three of the above materials to break things up, offer contrast in color, shape and texture. This photo gallery provides a look at the wide variety of paving and surfacing materials available. Of couse, there are numerous types out there -- this gallery only begins to cover it.
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concete aggregate paversAggregate Block Paversrustic bricks for patio pavingRustic Brick in Mortargrey stone tiles for patio flooringGray Stone Tilesinterlocking pavers, brick pavers, pictures of pathways, pictures of patios, bricksInterlocking Pavers
Sandstonephoto of old world-style cobblestones in circle fan patternCobblestones in Circle Fan Patternpaving materials rocks in palletsRocks in Cagespallet of concrete blocksPallet of Concrete Blocks
cobblestone paversCobblestone Paversstone tiles in assorted colors for patioAssorted Stone TilesGray Flagstonelava rock for patio designLava Rock
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