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Meet the Pool & Patio Finalists: About.com Readers' Choice Awards 2012

Vote for Your Favorites: Best Pool and Patio Products


It's time to vote! Since 2012 is an election year and red carpet awards season is in full swing, we know you're anxious to let your voices be heard. About.com's annual Readers' Choice Awards showcase the best outdoor living, pool, patio and home and garden products -- the things that make your outdoor world look, feel and work better -- maybe fantastic in some cases!

Think of it as the People's Choice Awards for home and garden, pool and outdoor living and design products. There won't be any shiny statuettes for the winners, nor will there be the gushing red carpet interviews and star-studded awards ceremony. Just the bragging rights that come with getting recognized by the readers of one of the biggest networks on the Web.

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This is the second year that the Pool and Patio site has participated in About.com's Readers' Choice Awards. Curious about who got the awards in 2011? Check out last year's RCA results.

About.com Readers' Choice 2012: It's Time to Vote for Pool and Patio

about.com readers choice awards
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Meet the Pool & Patio Finalists: About.com Readers' Choice Awards 2012

Ready to vote? The voting phase of the Readers' Choice Awards begins Wednesday, February 22, 2012 and continues through Wednesday, March 21. The winners, as determined by your votes, will be announced on Friday, March 30, 2012.

The nomination period was January 18 through February 15, 2012. Share this with friends, colleagues and Facebook friends.

Meet the Finalists: Best Outdoor Lighting

landscape lighting
Photo © Lisa Hallett Taylor
Backyards, pools and outdoor living spaces are often enjoyed in the evening. And if there isn't any light, there won't be any entertaining. Many outdoor lighting companies are out there -- learn more about the five finalists.

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Best Outdoor Lighting

Best Book, Outdoor Living and Design

about.com readers choice awards 2012
Concept/Photo © Lisa Hallett Taylor
Great books provide inspiration and instructions for outdoor projects. A new category for Pool and Patio's 2012 About.com's Readers' Choice Awards is Best Book: Outdoor Living and Design. The finalists were published in 2010 or later:

Vote now: Best Book 2012

Favorite Outdoor Toy

pedal car girl
Photo © Lisa Hallett Taylor
Have you played outside lately? What was the toy or fun activity that encouraged you or the children in your life to play? A playhouse, swing set or play structure? Something on which to ride in the yard -- either on pathways or floating in the pool? A game, building project or something that brings you closer to nature?

Meet the finalists:

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Our Gift Picks for Best Outdoor Toys 2011

Get outside of the house!

Best Pool Cleaner / Vacuum

about.com best pool cleaner
Photo © Lisa Hallett Taylor
Have you recently purchased and been happy with a swimming pool cleaner of vacuum? Our finalists are robotic models that help make your pool-cleaning chores much easier. The five pool cleaners nominated by you, our readers, are:

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Best Patio Furniture

Girl in Papasan Chair
Photo by Lisa Hallett Taylor
The About.com Reader's Choice Awards 2012 Best Patio Furniture category honors the year's top patio furniture brands and manufacturers. The outdoor furniture finalists are:

Vote Now Best Patio Furniture 2012

Don't simply go by looks or familiar name alone -- for starters, you might want to check out this list of patio and outdoor furniture brands and manufacturers to learn more about the casual living products out there.

Best Decking

best decking about.com awards 2012
Photo © Lisa Hallett Taylor
The next category honors the year's Best Decking materials, brands and manufacturers. Some materials - like wood, the original and very basic decking material - have remained the same, while others have evolved as a reflection of the environment in which we live and include recycled materials and wood fibers. The finalists are:

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Best Decking 2012

Don't simply go by looks or familiar names alone -- make an informed choice. Read about decking brands before casting your vote.

Best Hot Tub / Spa

Photo of Hot Tub at LA Garden Show
© Lisa Hallett Taylor
Is there a hot tub or spa somewhere on your property? Lucky! Is is a model, brand or manufacturer that you would buy again, or recommend to a friend or to someone in the market for a new hot tub? Does it perform well, is it easy to maintain and do you use it enough to justify the expense? Keep these factors in mind as you learn more about the five finalists for Best Hot Tub / Spa in the 2012 About.com Readers' Choice Awards: Vote Now Best Hot Tub / Spa 2012

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