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Designing and Planning the Perfect Pool

Ready to take the plunge into a pool project? Before you get to the fun stuff, like shapes and styles, you need to focus on zoning laws; building, health, and safety codes; and local permits. Other issues - like energy regulations and drought conditions - also need to be addressed prior to digging that big hole in your yard. Hire a pool contractor to guide you through the process.
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Thinking of Building a New Swimming Pool or Spa?
Curious about what it takes to build a swimming pool or spa in your own backyard? Ask yourself several important questions and consider some key points before making the big commitment.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Diving Into a Swimming Pool Project
If your No. 1 reason for getting a pool or spa is because your brother, neighbor or college buddy has one, maybe you should reconsider. Planning, building and maintaining a swimming pool or spa is not a whim or keeping-up-with-the-Joneses kind of purchase. It's a major addition to your house. It dramatically alters the landscape of your outdoor...

Pool Types, Designs and Styles
Swimming pools come in all different types, designs, sizes, shapes and are used for various purposes. Budget, lot size, local codes and availability of materials will all factor in to what type of pool you will eventually decide to build or install on your property.

Above-Ground Swimming Pool Designs, Shapes and Styles
In the current economy, above-ground swimming pools are enjoying a resurgence in popularity. Why? Above-grounds always have cost less than inground pools, a point that is not lost on pool shoppers and buyers. Other selling points: above-ground pools are a breeze to install compared to building an inground pool, many can be disassembled at the...

Above-Ground Swimming Pools Make Pool Ownership A Reality, No…
If an inground swimming pool isn't in your future for whatever reason, maybe an above-ground pool is the solution. Above-ground swimming pools range from economical models to more luxurious (and expensive) styles. Many can be enjoyed year 'round, and some use saltwater systems popular with inground models. Above-ground pools also have solar heating systems and covers. A good way to give your pool…

Inspiration Gallery: Luxurious Swimming Pools From World-Class Hotels
Planning a pool project? No doubt you've been looking at photo after photo of swimming pools and spas of all kinds of sizes, shapes and styles. How about a little inspiration from some of the most luxurious world-class hotels? Maybe you can replicate one that comes close to your "dream pool" -- on a slightly smaller scale, of course.

Above-Ground Swimming Pools: Deep End-of-Summer Savings
Late summer may be the best time of the year to get a great deal on an above-ground swimming pool. Besides potentially saving hundreds of dollars, you'll still get to enjoy your pool, especially if you live in an area that experiences Indian summers or soaring temperatures in the early fall. Above-ground pools can be as simple or elaborate as...

Build, Install or Buy a Swimming Pool, Spa or Hot Tub
Why do you want a swimming pool or spa? The real question probably is why wouldn't you want a private swimming pool or spa? You may have a clear-cut reason, like your children are on a swim team and need to practice daily. Maybe you want one "just because." Take some time to seriously consider how a swimming pool or spa would benefit your home and your life.

Types of Water Features
Pools aren't the only water features possible for your yard. Not everyone has the outside space or finances for a private pool. Discover other water features available for your outdoor space.

Swimming Pools, Movie Stars
Hollywood movie stars were among the first homeowners to build in-ground private pools in their backyards. Take a nostalgic tour of what was once considered the ultimate in glamour and luxury.

What is a Spool?
What, exactly is a spool? It's a body of water built in your backyard for leisure and therapeutic benefits. Find out why you may or may not want one.

When Should I End the Pool Party?
You've opened up your home and pool for a party. But how do you know when it's time to tell everyone to exit the pool or go home? Sometimes they do it on their own, gravitating toward other activities. Then there are those situations where you just instinctively know it's time to get out of the pool. The following are 10 suggestions that signal the pool party is truly over.

Where is the World's Largest Swimming Pool?
Olympic-size swimming pools are, indeed, large -- but they have nothing on the world's biggest swimming pool. Where is it located? Is it a destination worth exploring? Find out in this profile of the San Alfonso del Mar.

The Top Books About Pools, Patios and Outdoor Living
Consult this compilation of book lists on home and garden topics for your next project. Whether it's pools, patios, or DIY -- your next book is probably on this list.

Gas Swimming Pool Heaters
For years, gas heaters have been the most popular type of pool heater. Compared to other, gas has been one of the more inexpensive ways to keep a pool warm and comfortable. A gas pool heater is convenient because a gas line is usually available. Discover the different types, along with pros and cons of heating your pool with natural gas or propane.

What is a Poolside Patio?
A poolside patio is essential for entertaining and watching kids in backyard pools. Learn about materials, design considerations and furnishings before building.

Kiddie Pool Memories
For many of us, the first time we get our feet wet is in a childs' pool. And someone -- maybe Mom or Grandpa -- was there to capture the moment on film or digital camera. We've curated a collection of touching and humorous pictures of children, grown-ups and pets in backyard kiddie pools. Enjoy!

A Brief History of Portable Kiddie Pools
Technically not a swimming pool, the splasher or kiddie pool has been an inexpensive backyard favorite for young children and pets who want to cool off.

Swimming and Swimming Pool Quotes
There is something about a body of water, be it a pond, lake, ocean or a manmade backyard in-ground swimming pool, that brings out the philosopher in some of us. And the act and sport of swimming is often a metaphor for other challenges in life. Enjoy these quotations about swimming, swimming pools and the like.

The Top 10 Swimming Pool Scenes in Films
The Oscars, the Golden Globes, the Emmys, the MTV Movie Awards -- the list goes on and on and awards season is pretty much all year long. Swimming pools and movie stars go hand-in-hand, on and off screen. While we've covered some of the fabulous swimming pools and backyards of the rich and famous in Pool and Patio Property Profiles and celebrity...

Top Swimming Pool Scenes in Films | Favorite Swimming Pool Scenes in …
It's really quite simple. Think of some of the best cinematic moments involving a swimming pool or hot tub. Right off the top of my head, some of my picks include the James Stewart / Donna Reed dancing scene where they fall into the pool in "It's a Wonderful Life." Then there's "Fast Times at Ridgemont High," the amazing classic "Sunset Boulevard" with William Holden, and the aptly titled French …

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