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Heart-Shaped Hot Tubs and Pools

Nothing Says 'Be Mine' Quite Like a Tub or Pool Built for Splashin' & Lovin'


Maybe Jayne Mansfield and Mickey Hargitay sparked the concept with their heart-shaped swimming pool, which was custom-built for their Bel-Air backyard in the 1950s.

Novelty-shaped swimming pools became popular for those who could afford them (like movie stars) in the mid-20th Century. While Mansfield also had a pink heart-shaped tub, in 1963 the "world's first" (for a hotel?) debuted at a resort in Pennsylvania's Poconos Mountains. The heart-shaped hot tub was featured in a 1971 issue of Life Magazine, along with its creator, Morris B. Wilkins, founder/CEO of the Poconos' Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts.

With the growing popularity of hot tubs in the 1970s, the heart-shaped tubs helped drive traffic to the resort. Cove Haven and other Poconos resorts earned the destination the reputation as the "honeymoon capital of the world."

Thinking of transforming your backyard into a romantic getaway? Perhaps this gallery will ignite the fires of passion needed for your next project. Amore!

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picture of jayne mansfield by heart-shaped poolDigging Jayne Mansfield's Heart-Shaped Poolheart shaped hot tub at poconos resortsHot Tub Rendezvous for Twopink heart-shaped hot tub poconosPink Heart-Shaped Hot Tubpoconos private poolSweet Pool Suite
Heart-Shaped Tainan Poolroman towers suite at poconos resortHeart-Shaped Pool for Twogiant champagne glass hot tub poconosChampagne Glass Hot Tubred heart-shaped hot tub poconosRed, Hot Tub of Fun
poconos pool for two in-room with mirrorsCircle of Lovered heart-shaped hot tubAshland Hot Tubred heart-shaped hot tub poconos resortRed Hot Tub for Herpoconos heart-shaped pool and fireplaceHearts Afire
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