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Heart-Shaped Spas and Pools
giant champagne glass hot tub poconos

Roman columns, a heart-shaped pool and a giant champagne-glass hot tub make the Roman Towers an entertaining place to stay.

Photo courtesy of Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts
In one of the Roman Towers suites at Cove Haven, guests can enjoy an in-room heart-shaped swimming pool and a whirlpool spa in the shape of a 6-foot-tall champagne glass.

One of the resorts most-frequently-asked questions: "How do I get into the glass?" Guess you'll have to find out for yourself.

If you can't get away for a weekend or rendezvous at the Poconos' Cove Haven or other area resorts, don't worry. Many hotels, inns and resorts throughout the world feature heart-shaped, private and other pools and hot tubs that will appeal to honeymooners and romantics.

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