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Mel Gibson's Mediterranean-Style Mansion in Malibu for Sale

Pool and Patio Property of the Week


Looks like Mel Gibson is at it again. No - not fathering another child, nor getting into shenanigans after a visit to a Malibu pub. The actor/director has listed another palatial property for sale. This time it's Mediterranean-style Lilac Hill Farm in Malibu, which joins his Old Mill Farm in Greenwich, Connecticut, as two Gibson properties currently on the market.

The asking price: $14.5 million.

Parting with the properties comes several months after Gibson and his wife, Robyn, announced they are divorcing after 28 years of marriage. In November 2009, Gibson and now-ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva welcomed a daughter.

Bird's-Eye View of Mel's Malibu Mansion

mel gibson malibu mansion re-listed for sale
Photo courtesy of MLS

If you happened to be a bird, and just so happened to be flying over Mel Gibson's Malibu mansion, this is what it would look like from your vantage point. Not too far from Pacific Coast Highway, Pepperdine University, and Moonshadows bar, among other local landmarks.

Listed at $14,500,000, the estate is located in the gate-guarded Malibu neighborhood called Serra Retreat.

Update for June 1, 2011: Well, Mel's mansion is still on the market, and has just been cut to $11,750,000, from its previous lowered price of $12.750,000. Such a deal!

Photos courtesy of Realtor.com

Mediterranean Moonlight

Photo courtesy of MLS

A beautiful nighttime view of the patio area at the Mel and Robyn Gibson Malibu Hacienda. In 2006, it was reported that Mel and his family planned to sell their Connecticut and California homes and move to Costa Rica.

The Malibu house is on a sprawling 2.56 acres, located near the Serra Retreat area of Malibu. Before the Gibson clan bought Lavender Hill in 1989, it was also owned by singer Rick Springfield and was built by composter Leonard Rosenman (East of Eden; Star Trek IV) in 1979.


Nice Agave Attenuata

succulents at mel gibson mansion malibu
Photo courtesy of MLS

Those big green succulents in the foreground are Agave attenuata, just a few of the many native plants purported to grace the Gibson compound in Malibu.

Malibu Lights

mel gibson malibu mansion
Photo courtesy of MLS

The parklike grounds at Casa Gibson include fruit orchards, organic gardens, a lighted tennis court, a two-story entertainment room with a built-in barbecue, a swimming pool, spa, three guest houses, a detached gym, and a garden cabana with game room that opens up to the backyard.

If you get tired of all that entertainment and leisure activities, the Gibson compound also includes two offices. All play and no work...

The Pool, Basking in the Malibu Sun

mel gibson malibu mansion relisted for sale
Photo courtesy of MLS

Who wouldn't find ultimate bliss and contentment spending their days swimming and sunning by this quintessentially cool Malibu pool? According to the listing, the pool and spa amenities include:

  • Private pool - presumably another pool besides the abovementioned heated pool. So this one's not heated?
  • Bathtub spa
  • Hot tub
  • Private spa
  • Sauna

The upstairs master suite features a sitting room with a fireplace, walk-in closets and a sauna.

Poolside Patio

mel gibson malibu house
Photo courtesy of MLS

Actually, it looks more like a lanai, but it's a smart and stylish way to avoid those carcinogenic UV rays, save $ on Botox and sip your favorite icy beverage poolside. That round thing in the pool is a built-in spa, for chilly Malibu nights.

If you fancy a nap after all that swimming and lounging, the main house boasts six bedrooms and five bathrooms.

Enjoying the Remains of the Day

mel gibson malibu mansion relisted for sale
Photo courtesy of MLS

Sit and survey the landscape with a cocktail, tea, or that script your agent's been nagging you to read. It kind of reminds you of a charming southern plantation, only that big expanse of grass isn't exactly a green and eco-friendly choice in drought-stricken California these days.

Of course, that doesn't mean you can't turn it into a beautiful water-wise landscape.

Give Me Lands, Lots of Land

mel gibson mansion malibu for sale
Photo courtesy move.com

Since you know you should be practicing drought-tolerant landscaping in this region, your thoughts can turn to how much land you'll have to work with when you fork over the $11.75 million for Lavender Hill Farm.

Other vegetation you'll find at Lavender hill include fruit orchards, avocado trees, an organic garden, and pepper and oak trees.

Chess, Mate?

mel gibson giant chess set at malibu mansion for sale
Photo courtesy of MLS

What yard wouldn't be complete without a giant chess set?

Theatricum Botanicum

Photo courtesy of MLS

Well - if this isn't a casual outdoor arena to re-enact scenes from Mad Max or What Women Want, it sure looks like one. It might be a place to gather for an impromptu concert featuring one of your musically gifted neighbors. One of the many perks of living in Malibu.

Romantic Balcony

mel gibson mansion malibu
Photo courtesy of move.com

Fresh air is just an open French door away. This balcony is off the upstairs master suite. The property boasts a total of nine bedrooms and 8.5 bathrooms.

Open-Air Den

mel gibson malibu mansion
Photos courtesy of MLS

All the conveniences of an enclosed den, except you've got the cool breezes and access to the yard, just like a covered porch. Remember those screened-in porches at the back of your grandparents' house? This is like that, only a lot more lavish and the screens blew away. Not to worry - mosquitoes and other blood-sucking insects aren't allowed within Malibu city limits.

For more views of Mel Gibson's Malibu property, check out these images at Realtor.com.

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