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The Top 10 Swimming Pool Scenes in Films

Great Gift Ideas for Film Fans and Swimming Pool Buffs


Swimming pools and movie stars go hand-in-hand, on and off screen. Audiences got their first glimpses of residential pools through films or newsreels. and were considered a luxury item. Early on, studios seized the glamorous and often provocative swimming pool settings as an opportunity to showcase the comely attributes of its While we've covered some of the fabulous swimming pools and backyards of the rich and famous in Pool and Patio Property Profiles and celebrity pool galleries, this time it's your turn. What are some of your favorite pool and hot tub scenes in movies?

How about a pool-theme summer movie marathon?

It's a Wonderful Life

it's a wonderful life
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A swimming pool scene in the most beloved Christmas classic?

If you recall, the entire movie did not take place solely during the holiday season. Remember the scene in the beginning when George (James Stewart) tags along with his younger brother Harry to the high school graduation dance? While he's dancing the jitterbug with Mary (Donna Reed), the high school gym floor open up to reveal a pool below, and Stewart and Reed jitterbug backwards into the pool and keep on dancing. The others jump in and it's a big splash-filled hoopla.

That scene, by the way, was filmed at Beverly Hills High School, and the pool was still there in 2008.

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Swimming Pool

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The title is a big tipoff that a pool figures prominently in this art-house French film from 2003. Wait a minute -- aren't all French films of the "art house" genre? The brooding, mysterious and sexually promiscuous-in-a-bored-way goings-on revolve around a lovely house in the South of France with a pool that sees more nude sunbathing than kiddie swim parties.

Ludivine Sagnier is the blonde cocquette on the DVD cover, and if my memory serves me right, then I'd say that bikini was Photoshopped for obvious reasons.

Nice house, great pool -- sure, I'd like to have a house in the South of France.

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The Swimmer

the swimmer
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This film from a John Cheever short story is really something, on so many different levels. Do you have an hour or two?

I can't say it's a great film, but it's certainly representative of a certain era -- the late 1960s. And there has probably never been a fim that has featured so many residential swimming pools.

Briefly, Burt Lancaster, soggy and sporting short trunks throughout most of the film, decides to make his way back to his his New England house by swimming the backyard pools of his neighbors and fellow pool-blessed citizens. What seems like a film about the upper-upper middle class in midcentury New England suburbia quickly unfolds into something else. Let's just say that Burt's life is not what we originally thought.

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The Graduate

Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Once upon a time in the 1980s, there was a swimming pool diving board scene in Fast Times at Ridgemont High that catapulted model-turned actress Phoebe Cates to dreamgirl status. The classic
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Caddy Shack

Sunset Boulevard

sunset boulevard film
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