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Pool & Patio Glossary

What exactly is an algaecide? How can I tell the difference between a patio and a deck or terrace? Learn pool-, hot tub-, and spa-related terms, along with everything related to patios, verandas, gazebos and more. Two separate glossaries help you locate that word or term relating to pools, patios and outdoor living.
  1. Patio Glossary A -- L (25)
  2. Patio Glossary M -- Z (21)
  3. Pool Glossary A-L (9)
  4. Pool Glossary - M-Z (10)

What is Ashlar?
For construction projects like walls or patios, stone is available in three basic types: rubble, flagstone and ashlar. Learn the difference between ashlar and the other to types of stone.

What is Terra Cotta?
Terra Cotta, is unmistakable in the landscape and can be made into has many products, including bricks, architectural features, roof tiles and garden containers.

'Down Under' Expressions for Outdoor Entertaining
Australians and New Zealanders enjoy their pools and patios or homes and gardens just as much as their American counterparts. If you find yourself Down Under at an outdoor get-together, bbq or pool party, you might hear some of these words.

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