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Storm Watch: Preparing Your Pool and Yard Before Disaster Strikes

Proactive Things to Do Before a Hurricane, Storm, Tornado or Flood


Storms, tornadoes and hurricanes are inevitable in some parts of the world. If you live in a storm or hurricane-prone region, take a proactive approach to surviving a disaster by getting your house, yard and swimming pool ready before the storm hits. Follow these important suggestions and steps from experts like the American Red Cross.

Protecting Your Shelter From the Storm: Secure Your Pool, Spa & Yard

Should you drain your swimming pool before the storm hits to keep it from overflowing and flooding? How about turning off the power to the pool equipment? Post this checklist on your refrigerator so you'll know what to do to secure your pool or spa in the anxious hours before a storm hits or prior to evacuation.

How to Survive a Hurricane

juan rodriguez
Photo courtesy of J. Rodriguez
For Juan Rodriguez, a civil engineer and native of San Juan, Puerto Rico, preparing for hurricanes and major weather events are part of his culture. In this insightful Q & A, Rodriguez shares his personal and professional suggestions for surviving a hurricane before, during and after it occurs.

Get Ready for Hurricane Season

Hurricane preparedness before a storm approaches will save you, your family and co-residents lots of time and cut down on the anxiety as a hurricane or major weather event is hours away. Follow the tips provided by Timothy Thiele, About.com's Electrical Guide, to keep you, your home and community safer before the storm.

The American Red Cross: How to Protect Your Home from Hurricane Wind Damage

After Hurricane Andrew, a team of experts examined houses that were destroyed and houses that survived. They found four critical areas that should be checked for weakness:

  • Roof
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Garage door

The American Red Cross offers tips and fixes you can tackle now to help make your home stronger before the next hurricane, tornado or storm strikes.

Hurricane Safety Tips for Yards

"High winds can bring costly damage to your property and pose a risk to your well-being," writes David Beaulieu, About.com Guide to Landscaping. Follow his list of 10 hurricane safety tips, compiled from the landscaping perspective.

"Taking note of hurricane safety tips -- and acting in time -- can save you the costs of wind damage to your yard or home. Following hurricane safety tips can also save you the aggravation of having to replace items you take for granted in your yard. While some of these recommendations aren't technically hurricane safety tips, all are still well worth considering."

Seven Ways to Storm-Proof Your Trees and Property

"A tree is never in greater danger than during a storm," writes Steve Nix, About.com Guide to Forestry. "That can mean a threat from pounding rain and hail, from the fury of the wind, from the scorch of lightning or the weight of ice on branches and leaves. You may also have to remove a tree that endangers life and property during or after a storm. The key to a tree's survival is the care you give before the storm, keeping it healthy with proper space to grow."

Hurricane Questions & Answers for Pool and Spa Owners

Have you ever heard the stories about draining a pool, only to have it "float" or "pop" out of the ground? Discover the truth about pool popping and other important questions regarding your pool or spa before and after a storm or hurricane in this must-read article from Poolcenter.com.

Tornado Facts: How to Prepare Before a Tornado Strikes

Knowing what to do during a tornado can save your life. FEMA provides detailed information on tornadoes and other disasters. Rod Brouhard, About.com Guide to First Aid, shares facts and tips to help you prepare for tornadoes, as well as what to do to survive a tornado.

Before Lightning Strikes...

When outside during a storm, take this advice from the American Red Cross:

  • Go to a low-lying, open place away from trees, poles, or metal objects. Make sure the place you pick is not subject to flooding.
  • Be a very small target! Squat low to the ground. Place your hands on your knees with your head between them. Make yourself the smallest target possible.
  • Do not lie flat on the ground--this will make you a larger target.

Causes and "Cures" for Tree Storm Damage

Hundreds of thousands of shade and street trees in the United States are damaged by wind, ice and lightning each year, according to About.com Forestry Guide Steve Nix. Estimates of property value loss from tree storm damage can approach one billion dollars annually depending on the severity of the storm. Follow Nix's tips to help you quickly understand and prevent costly storm damage to trees.

How to Build or Remodel Your Home to Withstand Storm-Force Winds

Whether your home is old or new, it may not be able to withstand the fierce winds of a hurricane or tornado. Falling debris can shatter windows and strong wind can cause any weak places in the home to give way. Follow these storm-proofing tips from Jackie Craven, About.com Guide to Architecture.

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