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Bullfrog Spas
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Best Hot Tub / Spa Finalist: 2013 About.com Readers' Choice Awards

Bullfrog was founded in 1996 by David Ludlow and is headquartered in the greater Salt Lake City, Utah, metro area. Ludlow's main challenge was to design a spa that reduced the amount of plumbing needed, while increasing jet power and efficiency. He developed a technology that he coined the JetPak System,™ which is now a popular feature of Bullfrog spas.

So what will you get if you opt for a Bullfrog Spa? The JetPaks, naturally, which are actually removable spa seats -- each equipped with an individual array of jets. Additional Bullfrog technologies include PowerPlus, EnergySave™, and LeakGuard™.

Among the lineup of portable hot tubs available:

  • A Series: These are luxury spas with premium options, that usually have larger seating capacities of up to five or more people. Hot tubs in this line are: A8L, A8, A8D, A7, A7L, A6L and A5L.
  • R Series: Quality spas with custom options and great features at an affordable price. These models seat up to six people and are equipped with up to four jet packs. The R Series includes: R7, R7L, R6L and R5L.
  • SportX: A line of high quality first-time spas focused on reliability and comfort at an affordable price. They include: 162, 151, 151R and 131.
  • EternaWood™ spa cabinets: Built with materials that make these cabinets both weather and UV-resistant, to help make the spa cleaning a low maintenance experience. Offered in three cabinet colors: Mahogany, Driftwood and Hazelnut.
  • SpaVault™: A kit that allows you to install a portable Bullfrog Spa either partially or fully in the ground. The kit is constructed of galvanized steel, the same rated metal used for years in structures for the pool industry so that it will not corrode. A great option for owners who want the hydrotherapy benefits of a portable spa with the attractiveness and accessibility of a custom-built spa.
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